Monday, August 28, 2006

This is definitely the life

I've been thinking about my living arrangement lately and I have to say, it's pretty awesome. A friend of mine asked me about it recently with respect to my horrible summer last summer in my little hot box of an apartment. And again last week when I dreamed I was back visiting the person who lives in my apartment (no, I have no idea who it is).

Yes, I live with my aunt and uncle, and to some people it may seem like I'm living with my "parents" but it's actually a pretty sweet set up. My aunt and uncle are really fantastic. I get the whole upstairs to myself, I find myself coming home to a cooked meal and my laundry done, 500 channels on the satelitte, a fridge full of food, and nothing to do but just sit back relax and enjoy. Yup, definitely a sweet set up.

The whole point of the endeavour was so that I could dig myself out of debt and save a bit of money. I'm pretty much on the road to debt free-ness, and am slowly building up a nice little nest egg. Well, nest whatever you can call it for the future. Not having to pay the usual bills like rent, groceries, and incidentals has helped out a lot. It's also provided me with the opportunity to do things like travel to Europe, Dallas, Michigan, back and forth to London to visit family etc. I love it.

This weekend was a big indicator of how great my aunt and uncle are. My sister came to visit and my aunt looked after the kids for us while we headed out to do some shopping in Detroit. When we came home, supper was made and we were able to walk down to the ice cream place with the youngest while the clean up was taken care of.

So when people ask me, when am I going to find my own place...the answer is definitely going to be not in the immediate future...because this is definitely the life.

(Note: this is not to say that I don't appreciate everything they do for me...I really do. I just had to brag about it a bit.)


Mary said...

where can I sign up?!?! :)

sounds like a good set-up; enjoy!

Just Lookin Around said...

From the Aunt: It always goes a long way, when the person that is "living upstairs" is like you, it's a joy to have you with us, to see you coming into yourself, finding what makes you .... YOU. Like I said when you asked, use this time to get yourself set up, financially healthy, and use this time as "It's all about me" I don't want you to turn into a selfish, self centered creature, (I don't think that's even possible) to see you "use" others, (again, just not possible) this time has been a long time coming, and if this is what I can do for you, then good for me. As far as the "It's all about me thing... well, my opinion, for what that's worth, (a few pennies I think)is we all deserve a "moment in time" that little sliver in life, when it's truly all about "ME" ( me me me).... It's healthy and well deserved, because, I am well aware of the years you have put everyone else before you, and because life has some hellish turns and what will sustain you during those "hellish bouts" will be good times and happy memories, so have some good times, make lots of really happy memories, enjoy honey, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you deserve it and you are a pleasure to have bouncin around here.