Monday, June 30, 2008

Non-stop weekend

This year Canada Day is on a Tuesday so that means a day off sort of in the middle of the week. So what I did was take Monday and Wednesday off. Monday so I could stay here in London and Wednesday so I could see my niece play baseball.

I ventured out to the scrapbook store on Saturday so I could stock up on some cardstock. I've running low on double sheets (I like to use it as my "base" on my layouts and then put the patterned paper on top) and needed to get a few. Also picked up a few other things to play with as well. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new stuff at CHA later in July.

Also took the girls to see WALL-E. GREAT movie. Loved every minute of it. I was laughing so hard at the Pixar short at the beginning of the movie and my niece looked at me and shook her head. That's the thing I love about those movies....that they incorporate good stuff for adults too. But the message was good and my nieces are quite impressionable.

The bad part about the weekend is that we have had overcast or cloudy days every day. Friday night we had a big storm so that meant a little moppet in bed with me at 4 am because she was scared. Saturday night was another 4 am visit but this time for a stuffy nose. Which was dealt with (my sister and her husband took a weekend away for themselves...much needed in a busy marriage and parenting schedule!)

I had a nice visit with a new person on Saturday night and for all my worry about what to talk about and what to say...that wasn't really a worry. We had a great conversation and I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I love getting to know a new person but I hate the worry and shyness and wondering if you've said the right thing or not. He might be joining me at the fireworks on Tuesday night.

Today, with more grey skies, we're probably taking a trip over to this clothing store to check it out (my sister went on Friday and found some neat stuff) and also to get some Canada Day stuff to decorate bikes for the big parade. Hopefully it will clear up a bit so we can take a dip in the pool. Otherwise we'll be hanging out so I can read one of my new books (Ecoholic and My Sister's Keeper) and just hang out and chill out.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I had an interview in Toronto today and it reminded me of writing my final exams in high school and university. You know the stuff, you know you know the stuff yet a part of you is still scared about what will be asked. Or how it will be asked. And then of course there's the moments afterwards where you think about what you said and what you wrote (yes this interview had a written portion) and you wonder if you did the right thing/said the right thing.

I wasn't really worried about the interview until I listened to the first question. All I could think about was "get your points" which in my world, is how these interviews work. It's all based on what words you use in your answer instead of just experience/past behaviours. I just hope they didn't see my nervousness. Or maybe that's a good thing.

The written part was equally as stressful. It wasn't really clear in the question whether or not A or B happened. So I had to write a plan A and a plan B in order to answer the question. That took me the full hour so I was freaking out on the way home that I didn't really get to explaining what specific/unique tools I would use and why. I just said the tools and that was it. Hopefully it was a given in the other areas of the plan I drafted.

I spent the entire four hour ride home (yes, it really was four hours from Toronto to London because of backups on the QEW) worrying and wondering and then I pulled off the highway and saw this big beautiful rainbow over the roadway and told myself there was nothing I could do about it now. And when I got to my cousin's house, she told me I was going to get a letter (there was a thread on my jacket--didn't know that old wives tale...). So I'm going to stop stressing about it and just continue what I do.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good day

Today? Was a good day. For those who know me, and know what I do, you can do a little google search and see what I'm talking about. For those who don't, email me and I'll tell you what it was.

Today was one of those stand on your feet for 8 hours of a 12 hour day kind of day and because I was dressed up, my legs and feet are a little sore. But that's ok because it was worth it.

Tomorrow will be another good day that I will look forward to the end of. But the best part of the day will be the visit to the office of my manager with her new baby for a little welcome baby luncheon. Can't wait to see everyone together, can't wait for everyone to see her and the babe, and can't wait to just spend some time together enjoying things outside of work.

The best day will be Saturday though. That day will include a nice morning sleeping in!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Changes. Rest. Love.

This week has been challenging. Three fourteen hour days that started at 6 a.m. and then a drive through Michigan to come home for the weekend. I also had to have a difficult discussion with my director that reminded me that while I can think things through (and sometimes over think them) I tend to not really be able to express my thoughts in words (something that is surprising since I'm technically a "writer" in my job). He understood though and we were able to have a very interesting discussion about some things. I like that I can talk to my director like that and with all the stress this week, even with everything going on, we were able to express our displeasure at other stuff effectively and still be on a professional level. If that makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really love my job and it's been great since last August. Even with all the challenges, I am very fortunate.

The hard part about all the long days this week was the lack of sleep. Monday night we had a huge storm so the pressure outside caused my head to go crazy and I woke up at 4 a.m. with a massive headache that just wouldn't abate no matter what I did. Tuesday I ended up really sleepy. Then Tuesday and Wednesday night's meetings caused me to go home tired, but I ended up laying awake thinking about work causing lack of sleep. I took yesterday afternoon off but had to make a few runs to a couple of stores in Michigan so crossing both border crossings (Detroit and Sarnia) was frustrating. I was able to sleep a bit this morning (even though I had one monster crawl into bed with me at 4:45 a.m.) which was much nicer than having to drag myself out of bed at 6 a.m.

Now I'm spending time with my lovees. My youngest niece always manages to make me laugh with the thoughts that go through her head. Last night she was explaining what song she was going to have in her "cellaphone" when she gets big (my phone ring is Rihanna's Umbrella) and also this morning when my sister talked about wanting to win the lottery she said then they could buy the White House and live in it. My sister explained to her she has to be president to live there, my neice, undeterred, answered "but you already are president".

Saturday, June 07, 2008


The phone rang this morning at 9:51. I didn't answer it. I was still dozing and trying to decide if I wanted to get up. Frankly, I could have spent the entire day in bed but I decided I should be productive.

Our air conditioning has been broken this week and it was ok at the beginning of the week when it was cool and rainy. But we hit a record high on Friday which meant that Thursday began to get hot and humid. Not pleasant when you're looking at broken A/C.

Reliance was supposed to come out on Wednesday but signals got crossed and they couldn't make it. So when I called them Wednesday night, their systems were down and they had to wait to reschedule us. As is the case with almost anything anymore, the call centre they have is somewhere in India/Pakistan so they called back at 1 a.m. My aunt dealt with them and we rescheduled. Except, the service guy didn't really get that 1:30 meant 1:30 not 12 pm. So my aunt came home and spent the rest of the afternoon screaming at the customer service people because they refused to do anything about it. When I came home from the movies at 9:30 an emergency technician was just leaving--they had ordered the wrong part at the beginning of the week. You can imagine what we were both like by 10 pm. It got fixed yesterday so by 9 pm last night the house was a little bit cooler. I sleep with a big fan on me. It kind of reminded me of my apartment in London with the heat and the inability to sleep.

So now I have to get some work done. I have some cleaning to do and also an album to make for my friend Jill who wants one for her new nephew. I have three meetings at night this week and since we're down two people, that means 14 hour days for most of the week. I'm going home next weekend for my mom's birthday and I'm really looking forward to taking my nieces to see Kung Fu Panda. Not rest for the wicked though as we have more activities at work for the next two weeks after that. Which is why it's good I didn't spend the day in bed.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Ok so detox is going alright so far. It's been a stressful few days at work and not having caffeine has definitely hit me hard. Monday was extra stressful and I got the lovely withdrawal headache somewhere around 10 a.m. That was really pleasant...except not.

Other than the caffeine withdrawal and the intense desire to have bread, it's going well. If I can remember to drink my lake full of water, I'd be laughing. I'm having trouble choking that back down. Added to that, the waking up at all hours of the night as a result of the water is not pleasant.

What I don't get though, is how it is that your body gets all weird when you're taking OUT the things that are bad for you. Like fats and caffeine and alcohol and sugar and white flour. Why is it that your body gets all wrangy on you? That part I don't understand.

Today though, I woke up with lots of energy. A by product of the detoxification process. My body isn't sluggish from all the extra stuff. Finding stuff to eat though is kind of difficult. I miss my mid-morning yogurt. And my lunches that used to be easy to prepare. Now it's tuna. Or cottage cheese. Or cottage cheese and tuna. Today I broke down and just had another bowl of high protein cereal and soy milk. I'm hoping it gets a little easier as I get into next week.

I was going to do this for seven days but decided to do the full 10. That should clean out my system quite well and when I'm done I can start to re-add some of the good stuff. Like yogurts and fat free milk. I'll take it easy on the caffeine and go back to drinking green tea and this new white tea I bought. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow will be hard though...we're finally going to see Sex and the City and I adore movie popcorn. I think I should be ok though. I'll have my trusty bottle of water.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


I woke up this morning and decided the time was right to do a little body detox. No sugar, no flour, no caffeine, limited dairy (plain yogurt in smoothies and some cottage cheese) and balancing all meals with protein good carbs and healthy fats.

So far, I have survived the day with a full stomach. It wasn't easy though. I am seriously craving some caffeine and had to load up on the water to make me forget about my cans of diet coke sitting idly in the garage.

This is good though. I'm trying desperately to get back into my summer clothes from last year. I told myself no new clothes until I lost some weight. The winter foods just crept up on me and no amount of gym or weight watching has been cutting it. I know that I had to pull out the big guns this time and I am determined. I think the little bits of things that creep into your diet are what is killing it for me. Which is why I have said goodbye to my extra large steeped teas, my cans of diet coke, my breads, my pastas, and my sugars. Now it's all whole foods and good vegetables.

Lord help me.

Added to this, I'm trying to detox other behaviours as well. As in, stopping old habits and moving into some new ones. My sister has been bugging me about her new neighbour who is single. And I will admit publicly that after talking to him, it's nice to have someone new to talk to. Someone to look forward to talk to. Granted, he lives in London and I live in Windsor...but still, having another single person around is nice when I go visit. And it's not something I would have done before. I actually find myself looking forward to talking to him.

Knowing my luck I'll go back there in two weeks and he'll be married.

Also trying to detox the negative behaviours that influence my life. Not listening to the trivial complaints of others, trying to push negativity out of my life, trying to think positive things in everything that I do. Instead of "wow I hate that" it's "well, I may not like it, but let's give it a try".

We'll see how I'm doing in two days when the lack of caffeine hits me.