Thursday, June 26, 2008


I had an interview in Toronto today and it reminded me of writing my final exams in high school and university. You know the stuff, you know you know the stuff yet a part of you is still scared about what will be asked. Or how it will be asked. And then of course there's the moments afterwards where you think about what you said and what you wrote (yes this interview had a written portion) and you wonder if you did the right thing/said the right thing.

I wasn't really worried about the interview until I listened to the first question. All I could think about was "get your points" which in my world, is how these interviews work. It's all based on what words you use in your answer instead of just experience/past behaviours. I just hope they didn't see my nervousness. Or maybe that's a good thing.

The written part was equally as stressful. It wasn't really clear in the question whether or not A or B happened. So I had to write a plan A and a plan B in order to answer the question. That took me the full hour so I was freaking out on the way home that I didn't really get to explaining what specific/unique tools I would use and why. I just said the tools and that was it. Hopefully it was a given in the other areas of the plan I drafted.

I spent the entire four hour ride home (yes, it really was four hours from Toronto to London because of backups on the QEW) worrying and wondering and then I pulled off the highway and saw this big beautiful rainbow over the roadway and told myself there was nothing I could do about it now. And when I got to my cousin's house, she told me I was going to get a letter (there was a thread on my jacket--didn't know that old wives tale...). So I'm going to stop stressing about it and just continue what I do.

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