Sunday, June 01, 2008


I woke up this morning and decided the time was right to do a little body detox. No sugar, no flour, no caffeine, limited dairy (plain yogurt in smoothies and some cottage cheese) and balancing all meals with protein good carbs and healthy fats.

So far, I have survived the day with a full stomach. It wasn't easy though. I am seriously craving some caffeine and had to load up on the water to make me forget about my cans of diet coke sitting idly in the garage.

This is good though. I'm trying desperately to get back into my summer clothes from last year. I told myself no new clothes until I lost some weight. The winter foods just crept up on me and no amount of gym or weight watching has been cutting it. I know that I had to pull out the big guns this time and I am determined. I think the little bits of things that creep into your diet are what is killing it for me. Which is why I have said goodbye to my extra large steeped teas, my cans of diet coke, my breads, my pastas, and my sugars. Now it's all whole foods and good vegetables.

Lord help me.

Added to this, I'm trying to detox other behaviours as well. As in, stopping old habits and moving into some new ones. My sister has been bugging me about her new neighbour who is single. And I will admit publicly that after talking to him, it's nice to have someone new to talk to. Someone to look forward to talk to. Granted, he lives in London and I live in Windsor...but still, having another single person around is nice when I go visit. And it's not something I would have done before. I actually find myself looking forward to talking to him.

Knowing my luck I'll go back there in two weeks and he'll be married.

Also trying to detox the negative behaviours that influence my life. Not listening to the trivial complaints of others, trying to push negativity out of my life, trying to think positive things in everything that I do. Instead of "wow I hate that" it's "well, I may not like it, but let's give it a try".

We'll see how I'm doing in two days when the lack of caffeine hits me.

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Sara said...

Ooohhh...exciting about the neighbor!

If you decide he's not for you, maybe send him my way. I don't even have someone to talk to anymore. I got rid of my talking-to person.