Monday, November 26, 2007

And so on...

The Future Shop saga continues. Apparently someone at head office is now "looking into it" because they were wrong to deny me the 10% off the difference. I love seeing how that all plays out on the message boards. I took the camera back and got my money back, but still, it's nice to know someone is going to do something about the complete lack of customer service.

Still shopping for the camera though. I keep seeing all these crazy deals but then back away. It's like playing with fire methinks.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

You have got to be kidding me

I went and bought my digital camera this weekend. Now this has been quite the shopping endeavour. I have spent the last few months watching and researching this thing. Future Shop had a deal on weeks ago but then it was one of those "while quantities last" kind of thing. Turns out, they only had four per store. So I missed out.

Finally, Best Buy had it on. I went to Future Shop to take advantage of their "Get it for less guaranteed" program where it states that they will beat a competitors price by 10%. Nothing in there about what it is, how it's advertised etc.

So I did this. I wanted to go to Future Shop because I had a $100 gift card to be used. Turns out, their little policy is totally bogus. It only applies to the item that is exactly like what they have there. Meaning, they have to offer the bundle there as well. They matched the price, but didn't give me the 10% off because they don't sell the camera and zoom lens as a bundle (which was what I had). But because they offer the camera at the same price, it's considered within 10% so they don't give you the deal.

Maybe they should make that clear in their policy hmm?

Now I'm trying to decide if I want to take it back over $70 or if I want to just suck it up and forget about it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Camera phones are awesome

Almost forgot I had this photo. It's totally a shout out to Jen and to my trip to Texas after Christmas.

Monday, November 12, 2007

My favourite things

I love spending time with my nieces. Not for the tantrums mind you (several this weekend) but for the funny things they say. Sometimes I wish I could be inside their heads so I can actually hear what they're thinking when they come up with this stuff. A few samples...

Friday night at dinner, the five of us were sitting at the table (sister, brother in law, girls and I) and the oldest pipes up "Mom, I don't want you to get married again because I don't want to have two dads." No idea where this came from, my sister and her husband have no plans to divorce or remarry. My younger niece pipes up "that's ok, you'll be my favourite" to my brother in law.

Yesterday in the car my younger niece asks me "how did Hilary Duff get famous?" I try to explain to her that she was on a television show that thousands of kids watched. My older niece says "well I've been on the news a few times". I can see in the mirror my younger niece think about this and then say "ya but you're not famous so that's not how it happened." I then proceeded to explain, with great difficulty, the Disney marketing machine and how it pumps out stars. I still don't think she got it.

Then while we were in Canadian Tire she tells me she wants to go look at the Christmas trees. They had all their trees displayed in a forest type of setting so you walk under an arbour and peruse the trees. She holds my hand and stops. Above us is mistletoe. Which she loves because of the idea you have to kiss someone under it. So I give her a big fat peck on the cheek. Then we walk through and her sister ends up under it, then proceeds to jump back because she doesn't want to kiss her. I took the honours. She says to me "I wish it was Christmas all year long so we had to give each other kisses under the mistletoe."

(Note, that sounds kind of creepy but in fact it was pretty cute.)

Then, during the Bee Movie, she shouts out "Sting him again!" yes this is my lovey little niece.

Definitely enjoy spending time with these two.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A lot like...

Christmas is what I was going to say. But really, it's looking like that because I'm in the mood for creative stuff. I was reading Ali Edwards'blog and got inspired. But it may take a bit of work on the part of my sister. I've decided I want to do a "24 days of Christmas" album with the girls this year. They're old enough and it sounds really cool and I love it when my sister calls me in December to tell me something cute they've done. This way we can capture the memories and also do something fun. I want her to take photos of them. Either opening their advent calendars or staring at the tree or of course, the requisite snow picture once we have our first snow fall. (Which if you want to split hairs, happened on Tuesday up there, but who's counting?)

I also loved the idea Ali has for the little mini box advent wall art. I just have to a) find the boxes b) run it by my sister and c) find stuff to put in there. They really don't need anymore candy but I was thinking of maybe a fortune cookie idea. Possibly find a Christmas story or Christmas carol or something and print out the words and put it inside the boxes with a little fun thing they can do or possibly a neat ornament or something. Ideas? Share!

Then I started cutting out the cute little things on the Color Me pages I received from Luxe and I started to get all kinds of ideas for cards and the like. So I will be working on that too. Just can't wait. So excited for that! I love feeling this creative. I also have to finish the three albums I am putting together for Jill.

Also this weekend? I'm trying to decide if I want to take the girls down to the Cenotaph to be a part of the Remembrance Day ceremony. I've never done it, and they normally have a ceremony at school, but I thought it might be unique for them to go and see the veterans that go. That way, they can truly understand what it is that we come together for. Their ancestors fought in the wars. We'll see what they're like and whether or not my sister feels this would be ok.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Running on empty

This week has been a "week" and I'm ready to just toddle off to bed. Yes, I know it's only 7:30 but I'm spent. I've been up and down the highway three times this week and now I'm just ready to tuck in and be done with the week from heck knows where.

It started with all the usual business after I got home from Toronto last weekend. Wednesday it was up to London at quarter to seven in the morning for a meeting with our CEO. Then from there it was up the highway to Toronto for media training. That was interesting. Missed out on all the Halloween stuff I love. Thursday it was the train ride from hell with the seatmate from Fidgetyville and I swear to pumpkin I was ready to break the emergency window and toss her out. I got home, emptied my bag and packed my car for this weekend. I was back in London this weekend to celebrate my sister's 30th (eek, when did we all get so old?) and also crop all day yesterday.

The cool part was that I was recognized as a "Luxe girl" at the crop by someone who runs a store in Dorchester. Talked with her a bit, showed off the new "Colour Me" line and then put together 30 two page spreads for three albums I'm making for a coworker.

Got home a few hours ago, unpacked and am now about to (as mentioned) toddle off to bed. Sleeping never felt so good.

Although I have to say that the best part of this weekend was this morning at brunch when my brother and sister decided they wanted to join us for our Black Friday shopping spree in Port Huron. Gotta love the mob mentality when it comes to ill advised shopping excursions. Speaking of ill advised, don't eat Chocolate Cheesecake at 1 a.m. when you're ready to go to bed.