Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm in a bad effing mood

Something has happened to me in the last week or so. I have turned into this raging pissed off bitch. And if you think I'm kidding, imagine what it was like in my car when I realized how ashamed of myself I was when I was ticked at Granpa Slow in front of me who refused to go through a yellow light. There was profanity. I can tell you that.

So to my friends, who have to deal with me, please accept my humblest apologies at the long rambling emails about all the bad things I am stewing about. I don't mean it. Well, it's all true. But I'm sorry it has become an all consuming rage lately.

I found something out yesterday that kind of set me off even more. Something I can't talk about publicly, but which really kind of cemented my feelings about someone that were not good to begin with. And it's really difficult to deal with this person now because looking at them makes me realize just how deep my burning desire is to see them punched in the face.

Ok that might just be me wanting to punch them in the face.

No, my friend wants a crack at it too.

And my other friend as well.

But I digress. I'm also a little worried about these weird dreams I keep having lately. They're really freaky. Monday night I dreamt I was in a hotel that was being bombed. (Might have something to do with watching 24 right before bed). Tuesday night I can't remember what I dreamt about but I actually woke up crying. And last night I dreamt I was back in my apartment and I had to keep packing it over and over again because each time I got into the hallway and then went back in, the stuff was all out of the boxes. And it's been OVER A YEAR SINCE I LIVED THERE.

I don't know what it is. Maybe it's just getting back on a new schedule (off the morning briefing) or maybe I'm just letting my all consuming rage for this other person throw me off. Whatever it is, I'm hoping it ends soon. Because I'm not this person. And it's really not pretty.

Monday, February 19, 2007

What goes around

You know, I'm not a vengeful person. Nor do I like to see other people suffer. But there is something completely satisfying about seeing someone who has made you miserable get what they deserve.

This was one of my days last week. And let me tell you, the happy dance I did was quite remarkable.

Monday, February 12, 2007

My sister cracks me up

Actual conversation with my sister on Saturday night:

She's telling me all about their day. She and the kids went sledding at the local hill. A wicked fast steep hill in their town.

her: I can see why they say kids should wear helmets when they go tobogganing.
Me: why?
her: because we were whipping down the hill and at the bottom the toboggan turned and flipped and we all hit the ground.
Me: oh?
her: ya and I hit my head.
Me: was it icy?
her: no

(a little later on in the conversation about this)

her: ya it was great, we took this big wooden toboggan and I sprayed Pam on the bottom to make it go fast.

Why do kids need helmets to toboggan? Because their crazy parents think greasing a big wooden sled is a good idea.

Sigh...what am I going to do with her?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

In Short

We went shopping today.

I bought some baby stuff. Some really cute baby stuff for my cousin's new baby. It's pretty cute.

Also hit the scrapbook store. I needed more adhesive for my card making that I'm going to do.

Searched Target for Valentines. Not for me, I made mine :)

Found some neat Kashi snack bars.

Learned about why drinking so much water is important.

Haven't retained any of it.

The information, not the water.

Am now so tired that going to bed at nine o'clock on a Saturday is not such a bad idea.

Oh, picked up some Luxe rub ons. The girlie ones and the travel ones.

I don't think the girl at the counter believed me when I told her that it was my friend Jen on the back in the photo.

I don't care.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Give me a break

I've been a bit AWOL lately. Not to say that I haven't been thinking about posting, just that I haven't really had the urge to come here. And life has been a bit busy as well so there's that to use as an excuse. Here are some of the things going on in my world...

I've lost about 10 pounds on this diet in the past four weeks. No really, ten pounds. I lost about 8 in the first two weeks alone. I've found the water thing is really helping out. And surprisingly enough, the no caffeine is actually fine. I miss my tea, but the decaffeinated stuff fills the bill quite nicely. I've also grown to like the taste of soy milk on my cereal. And also flax seed oil makes a nice dressing. And hemp hearts fill you up. Nicely.

It is really effing cold out there. Not that I want to complain, nor do I want it to seem like we're the only ones in the cold snap...but the list of schools closed in Michigan yesterday went on for an hour. I don't know why they didn't just say "the following two schools are NOT closed today". My car is not liking this. The noise coming from under the hood when I started it was not pleasant. And it drives funny in the cold. Don't really understand that.

I am really trying to avoid the illness thing like you would not believe. My coworker had the stomach flu at her house and I was walking around with my lysol wipes for about two days. The verdict is still out as to whether or not she will actually catch it. We'll see.

We watched an Inconvenient Truth on the weekend. Go and see this movie. And if you've seen it, tell a friend. This movie was seriously scary. I also went to see The Queen with my coworker and we both loved it. Also saw Little Miss Sunshine, while I agree the ending was pretty cool, the movie was a little slow. I'm looking forward to seeing Half Nelson and The Departed when they come out next week on DVD.

No really, that's all that's going on in my little life. It's absolutely mind numbingly boring. Being a grown up sucks sometimes!