Saturday, February 10, 2007

In Short

We went shopping today.

I bought some baby stuff. Some really cute baby stuff for my cousin's new baby. It's pretty cute.

Also hit the scrapbook store. I needed more adhesive for my card making that I'm going to do.

Searched Target for Valentines. Not for me, I made mine :)

Found some neat Kashi snack bars.

Learned about why drinking so much water is important.

Haven't retained any of it.

The information, not the water.

Am now so tired that going to bed at nine o'clock on a Saturday is not such a bad idea.

Oh, picked up some Luxe rub ons. The girlie ones and the travel ones.

I don't think the girl at the counter believed me when I told her that it was my friend Jen on the back in the photo.

I don't care.

1 comment:

Jennifer Lynn said...

How dare she not believe you?!

So ya like 'em? I need to send some goodies your way....