Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm in a bad effing mood

Something has happened to me in the last week or so. I have turned into this raging pissed off bitch. And if you think I'm kidding, imagine what it was like in my car when I realized how ashamed of myself I was when I was ticked at Granpa Slow in front of me who refused to go through a yellow light. There was profanity. I can tell you that.

So to my friends, who have to deal with me, please accept my humblest apologies at the long rambling emails about all the bad things I am stewing about. I don't mean it. Well, it's all true. But I'm sorry it has become an all consuming rage lately.

I found something out yesterday that kind of set me off even more. Something I can't talk about publicly, but which really kind of cemented my feelings about someone that were not good to begin with. And it's really difficult to deal with this person now because looking at them makes me realize just how deep my burning desire is to see them punched in the face.

Ok that might just be me wanting to punch them in the face.

No, my friend wants a crack at it too.

And my other friend as well.

But I digress. I'm also a little worried about these weird dreams I keep having lately. They're really freaky. Monday night I dreamt I was in a hotel that was being bombed. (Might have something to do with watching 24 right before bed). Tuesday night I can't remember what I dreamt about but I actually woke up crying. And last night I dreamt I was back in my apartment and I had to keep packing it over and over again because each time I got into the hallway and then went back in, the stuff was all out of the boxes. And it's been OVER A YEAR SINCE I LIVED THERE.

I don't know what it is. Maybe it's just getting back on a new schedule (off the morning briefing) or maybe I'm just letting my all consuming rage for this other person throw me off. Whatever it is, I'm hoping it ends soon. Because I'm not this person. And it's really not pretty.

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Jennifer said...

Hopefully at some point this week (or next) the postal service will make your life happier. ;-)