Monday, February 12, 2007

My sister cracks me up

Actual conversation with my sister on Saturday night:

She's telling me all about their day. She and the kids went sledding at the local hill. A wicked fast steep hill in their town.

her: I can see why they say kids should wear helmets when they go tobogganing.
Me: why?
her: because we were whipping down the hill and at the bottom the toboggan turned and flipped and we all hit the ground.
Me: oh?
her: ya and I hit my head.
Me: was it icy?
her: no

(a little later on in the conversation about this)

her: ya it was great, we took this big wooden toboggan and I sprayed Pam on the bottom to make it go fast.

Why do kids need helmets to toboggan? Because their crazy parents think greasing a big wooden sled is a good idea.

Sigh...what am I going to do with her?

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