Saturday, June 07, 2008


The phone rang this morning at 9:51. I didn't answer it. I was still dozing and trying to decide if I wanted to get up. Frankly, I could have spent the entire day in bed but I decided I should be productive.

Our air conditioning has been broken this week and it was ok at the beginning of the week when it was cool and rainy. But we hit a record high on Friday which meant that Thursday began to get hot and humid. Not pleasant when you're looking at broken A/C.

Reliance was supposed to come out on Wednesday but signals got crossed and they couldn't make it. So when I called them Wednesday night, their systems were down and they had to wait to reschedule us. As is the case with almost anything anymore, the call centre they have is somewhere in India/Pakistan so they called back at 1 a.m. My aunt dealt with them and we rescheduled. Except, the service guy didn't really get that 1:30 meant 1:30 not 12 pm. So my aunt came home and spent the rest of the afternoon screaming at the customer service people because they refused to do anything about it. When I came home from the movies at 9:30 an emergency technician was just leaving--they had ordered the wrong part at the beginning of the week. You can imagine what we were both like by 10 pm. It got fixed yesterday so by 9 pm last night the house was a little bit cooler. I sleep with a big fan on me. It kind of reminded me of my apartment in London with the heat and the inability to sleep.

So now I have to get some work done. I have some cleaning to do and also an album to make for my friend Jill who wants one for her new nephew. I have three meetings at night this week and since we're down two people, that means 14 hour days for most of the week. I'm going home next weekend for my mom's birthday and I'm really looking forward to taking my nieces to see Kung Fu Panda. Not rest for the wicked though as we have more activities at work for the next two weeks after that. Which is why it's good I didn't spend the day in bed.

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