Sunday, August 20, 2006

Das Denny Haus

We just got in from the shopping trip to the States. Which is actually kind of funny. The new regulations that U.S. Customs has put in place made getting across the border extremely difficult. Which also meant that we had less time to actually do any shopping.

Started at Stride Rite. A great little shoe store. We have to go there because my niece has narrow feet, so her shoes are always expensive. It took us forever in there. Mostly because of the fact that my one niece decided to act ... herself.

I was actually surprised at how little we could find. We went looking for clothes for the two of them and I had the worst time trying to find something for my older niece. I think it's also bad because of the fact that she's at that in between size. The too big for kids clothes and too small for "girl" clothes. I finally found a dress from Tommy that fit her perfectly and was a great buy.

I managed to find a great trench coat at London Fog for $30. A coat that I would not have been able to find here for that price. All in all, a good trip.

But the best part was the ride home. We were a little punchy, and it was pretty funny at one point as we were driving through Frankenmuth trying to find a place to eat. Everything was touristy and expensive and a little too "Liederhoesen" for us. My sister kept driving because she wanted to see if she could find a Denny's. After all, they had to have a "Das Denny Haus" in the little town.

Sad part? We wanted to do Cracker Barrel. Seeing as I hear so much good stuff about it... drove right by it on our way to the Interstate AFTER dinner.

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