Friday, August 25, 2006

The Good Thing

One of the great things about doing what I'm doing is that I have a little extra money to do things I haven't been able to do before. Namely, go places, buy things, have fun. Fortunately for me, I have a great aunt and uncle who let me stay here for free (THANKS GUYS!) and I pretty much just pay for the little things I need here and there.

I will point out that it's also an opportunity for me to get out of debt, which is the goal of the whole endeavour and which is happening a lot more rapidly than I expected--so thanks for that too! But the extra on top of that is really gravy.

So back to what I wanted to point out...the fun.

You'll recall I was fortunate to go to Europe for a week back in April. And of course the weekend jaunt to Texas. But there's also the little things that I enjoy. Like being able to go out and just buy my nieces a new outfit each for back to school (cuuute outfits as well I have to say) and take them to the movies and other stuff we have done together.

Well, yesterday I scored three tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Grand Theatre in London. We're going on Christmas Eve. This is my new tradition with them, since it's been three years in a row I'll call it a tradition. I took Elizabeth to see the Nutcracker three years ago and last year we did Annie. I'm pretty excited about B&tB since I managed to score some really awesome seats.

The other good thing? Well, my friend Heather and I are going to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour in September. And go ahead and laugh but the show is expected to be amazing and has been selling out across the country. Lucky for us we live across from Detroit, one of the added stops on the tour. Tickets were kind of more money than I expected to pay, but we've got great seats and are pretty excited about it.

Ahhh, sometimes having things like this in your life is nice...

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Rachel said...

Beauty & The Beast is absolutely fabulous. I loved it when I saw it! Little girls will fall in love with the colors, dancings and beautiful costumes.

I am jealous!