Sunday, August 06, 2006

A {helpful} little lesson upon my departure

Since I'm leaving Dallas and cannot be right beside my best girl Jen in the next few months, I have a helpful little "lesson" for her upon my departure.

Goal of said lesson:

So after Jen's flight the other night where she was seated beside a certain Canadian comedian that just about made me faint in the airport I figured a little helpful conversation starters might come in handy should she be seated next to one ERIC LINDROS on a flight, in an elevator, on the street, at a bar...or (insert location here).

Jen, this one's for you.

Eric Lindros is from CANADA. Specifically, my home town of LONDON. His dad used to have an assistant who happened to be my boss at one point in my career. He knows about the LONDON KNIGHTS who won the MEMORIAL CUP, which he won during his YEARS IN JUNIOR HOCKEY. He moved to TORONTO, and ended up PLAYING FOR THE LEAFS. And is now A DALLAS STAR. HE PLAYS CENTRE. He played in the OLYMPICS for CANADA. HE HAS A BROTHER. YOUR BEST FRIEND FROM CANAD-IA LOVES HIS HOCKEY PLAYING ASS. (Please note, any of the capitalized words can be used as CONVERSATION STARTERS or what I like to affectionately call POTENTIALLY FUNNY STORIES FOR US TO TELL OUR GRANDKIDS.)

Anyways, back to my story. Should you see a man who looks like this:

Or this:

Know that you are in fact, in the presence of one Eric Lindros. And it would make me completely jealous should you have a chance to TALK TO HIM. Or LOOK HIM IN his GORGEOUS EYES. Or see if HE REALLY IS THAT HOT IN PERSON.

Ok I sound a little crazy....

Is this helping???

So, ya, anyways, maybe, could you say hi for me?


**Note to Jen, you know I'm completely kidding here, that I would never ever for a minute think that you would be all verklempt like say...ME should you be in the prescence of Eric but maybe, should you find yourself in a situation where he is located, or have the opportunity to speak to this man, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, take a photo or something....and know that I would not be embarassed should you tell him that you have a crazy friend in Canada who is in lurve with him.....


Mary(Pea) said...

LOL, we've got to get you to Big D more often! safe flight tomorrow!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Bwah. As long as THIS Canadian does not wake me up FOUR times on the red eye, I will totally start a conversation with him. Oh, and this one looks like he might at least be as tall as me!

Totally fun having you down this weekend. We must do it again soon, eh?

Lesley said...

YOU WILL NOT STEAL MR. HOTNESS ON HOCKEY SKATES FROM ME. NOOOOOOOOO. Think about it this way, if he ends up with me, AND he continues to play in Dallas, I could potentially be here ALL THE DAMN TIME!!! This works for BOTH OF US!!!!

Rachel said...

He is a total hottie!