Friday, September 01, 2006

Watch out, this one is going to be boring

Here I am, in London, for another weekend. Actually, it's kind of funny because every time I turn onto the street that links to my sister's place I think of something my cousin says. My cousin who lives around the corner from my sister. He sees me here and he says "why don't you just pay taxes here already?" and it makes me laugh. And making me laugh, is nice.

I swear to sugar pops that this week has been absolute torture for various reasons but mainly because I have missed my nieces desperately. Spending a few days with them last week made me crazy for sure with all the work, but not having them yammering around has been quite awful.

You see, the reason why is because my youngest niece has reached that age. That age where everything she says and everything she does is freaking hilarious. She's going to be five in a few weeks and frankly, I couldn't adore her more. Even when she's bad!

She got her hair bobbed at the beginning of the summer and I absolutely love it. Because little brat has that wonderful blessing of GOOD HAIR. Which makes it even funnier when she does stuff, because her cute little bob goes all bouncy and cute. But the reason I mention it is because I went out and bought them both these cool little pairs of BRATZ sun glasses and she puts them on so that the arms are on top of her hair but still being her ears. Hilarious. And then she does this head bob thing (which actually reminds me of Jen for some odd reason) when she looks at you when you're talking to her and it makes me want to pull the van over to squeeze her.

But the stuff she says and the way she reasons crap out? Brilliant. Last week, when I came downstairs she was engrossed in something on television. And when I went to change it she gives me this big spiel about how she is watching a show about a little girl who is going to go to school and needs new shoes and pencil crayons and if we send them to her she will write us a letter and a picture that we can keep. What was she watching? The Christian Children's Fund Infomercial. Ya, she's just that cute.

And of course, she left her blankets at my house, and the kid is a blanket FIEND. She has about 12 of them that she sleeps with. And they all have names and personalities. So she left "Rainbow Blankie" and "Gingham Blankie" at my house when she left so I sent her a digital picture of them to prove to her that they were there because she didn't believe me when I said they stayed with me to keep me company this week (ya, lame story, I know, why should she believe it) and she saw the picture and cried. The first words out of her mouth when I walked in the door were not Hi, How are you? or I'm so glad to see you. Nope, "where's blankies?" Nice. Nice to know how loved I really am.

A few weeks ago, the two of them were talking about what they want to be when they grow up. The older one wants to be a teacher because they make lots of money and get summers off. The younger one wanted to be a "vegetarian" you know, the people who take care of sick animals? Well, she changed her mind after listening to Hilary Duff. Now she wants to be a rock star. Because rock stars are so "kewl".

Finally, my older niece and I were snuggling last week and she asked me why I like to go places and travel all over. It's a question I've never actually gotten before from them. Normally it's all "bring us presents" and "when are you going away again to get us charms for our bracelets?" so you can imagine how stumped I was at this question. So I told her why, I like to meet new people, and see new things, and experience different foods and lives. She seemed satisfied with that answer and told me that when she grows up, she wants to travel like me too. Wait until she's old enough to understand what real traveling is about!!!

Alright, that's enough monotony for one night. I'm off to see my friends I haven't seen since (gulp) Christmas--I'm not really THAT bad of a friend, we all live in different cities and this is the first time we're all in town at the same time!

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Just Lookin Around said...

I love you love them, but, you know... make some time for other things eh? Can we hear some "wild" and "crazies" soon. Time to break out kiddo... told you I'd give you some time, but I'm thinkin that you might need some pushin....