Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Peel me a grape

I was made for this life. Well, not THIS life, but the life of a pampered woman. One who has all kinds of great things done for her. Including, tonight's treat a pedicure. This is in addition to the lovely treatments I had done while in Belmont and close to my favourite esthetician.

I swear, my feet are SOFTER than a baby's bottom. And my aunt's feet (the others in the photo) are even softer.

After matching pedicures where we soaked and cackled over today's happenings, we went for my other downfall--Greek food at The Hungry Wolf. There is something in their salad dressing that makes it so magical.

Yes, it's almost sad that I have to go back to being a mere normal every day working Joe tomorrow. Sigh...garcon! Another glass of wine!

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Just Lookin Around said...

Hey, my "old dogs" look pretty good, well all except the toe that the washing machine almost took off this weekend. Maybe I should have put that half empty bottle of wine in my purse to help when she (the cat's mother, inside joke) was pokin around that toe and the memory the white hot pain and the silent scream....and my life flashing before my eyes, as my toe was being ripped off by the corner of that damn washing machine, .... ok - ok - it wasn't that bad, but it did hurt.

So thanks for the pleasure ... and the pain (only slight) oh and for the dinner with the "Wolf" too...! Birthday gifts that .... involve pain ... hey are you trying to tell me something?