Thursday, September 21, 2006

Conversations with a five year old

When one decides to have a conversation with a five year old, one must remember that said conversations involve the theory of "hit" or "miss".

Subjects must understand that several factors are incorporated into the objective of having a complete conversation. And these could include environment, atmosphere, physical condition and of course outside factors.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present, Exhibit A:

This would be a very good example of HIT.

Exhibit B presents a good example of MISS:

The first photo was taken when there were no other outside factors, the child was bored, there was an opportunity to talk on a cell phone, and she had been away from the person she was talking to for two days.

The second picture depicts a conversation that the child was not at all interested in having, was involved in another project all together, had been taken away from Cheetah Girls on television, and apparently had ants in her pants.

When I moved to Windsor there was a deal struck that it wouldn't be such a bad thing because they would be able to talk to me on the computer through instant messenger and also on the phone. The phone has not proven to be so ideal.

Most of my conversations take place when Kim Possible is on television which results in dead conversation that involves me talking, and them saying "uh-huh" several times after a ten to fifteen second delay.

However, there is a moment when for some odd reason the planets are aligned and the stars match up where they are so definitely interested in speaking with me that I can actually have a conversation.

Case in point, Tuesday night when I called to wish my niece a happy birthday. We actually had a conversation and it went something like this:

A: Hi Cece
L: Hi babes, Happy Birthday!!
A: Tank you for my present
L: You're welcome, how was your day?
A: Good.
L: Did everyone sing to you?
A: No.
L: What?
A: (animated) Just kidding.
L: Did mommy send treats to school?
A: No.
L: What?
A: (giggling) Just kidding.
L: Were you a good girl?
A: No.
L: What?
A: Just kidding.

At this point she fell into a fit of giggles and proceeded to have a very lengthy discussion with me about her birthday, her classmates, her sister, her mother, her father, her bus driver, her friends, her presents, her bed, her blankies, and some unintelligble that may or may not have involved a dream she had the night before about a bug at the babysitters.

And then she got into trouble for not eating her dinner.

I knew there was a reason she was so talkative.

I'll have to remember this when she's 16 and we can't get her off the phone.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Bwah! Sounds like she has a longer telephone attention span than I do... yet another reason why conversing with me is a lot like conversing with a five year old. That and then "can't sit still thing". *grin*