Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Too funny

What is funny about this is that I actually had about ten pounds of scrapbook supplies in a carry on bag I brought with me. And it's also the first time I have flown with a very heavy suitcase that they actually put a sticker on it. And between you and me, it wasn't as heavy as some of my past packed cases.

I'm home and doing a mountain of laundry from before the holidays to now. I am also untangling myself from being all scrunched in a seat because my seatmate felt the need to take up all the armrest space as well as elbow me several times in the side while he was working. He apologized once to me about hogging all the room and then proceeded to spread out even further AND put his glass of water precariously close to my lap.

Getting on a schedule again will be nice but going back to work kind of sucks.

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Mary said...

love it when they put that "heavy" tag on your bags, huh!?! Hee hee. I had that happen when I went home for Thanksgiving - scrapbookig stuff was to blame there too!

happy 2008!!