Friday, January 25, 2008

News you won't see on CNN

Sadly, I do not have Anderson Cooper's rugged sexiness, shocking splash of premature grey hair or incredibly delicious biceps...what I do have though, is news you won't see on CNN.

I am left alone with the dog. I have self diagnosed him. He is suffering from Separation Anxiety. This from the symptom list: loss of control of bodily functions (vomitting--thank goodness for small favours that it's not diarahea), excessive licking (which bugs me), pacing (equally disturbing), and other weird behaviours like barking at my uncle's car in the driveway because he thinks I have him hidden in the garage. Last night I got creative and left him in the hallway with my room and the spare room doors open and a gate across the stairwell. He still got sick. And a trip to the pet store meant a new toy that is supposed to help with the anxiety....he got it open in record time (it's supposed to occupy him for a while) and managed to chew off the little strings on the end. Lovely.

Tomorrow I get Expressvu. CANNOT wait. I ordered the PVR (aka-fake TiVo) for $10 a month. Now once the writers go back to work...ahem...the studios get their heads out of their asses...I can pause, rewind, fast forward etc. live tv. This makes me happy. At least until I remember that there's no shows on. Or that I'm alone with an anxious canine.

I have a new coworker. I like her. She's pretty awesome. I like having someone sitting with me at the back of the office now. It was getting lonely. Oh and I like her in a totally platonic I'm not gay even though I said that stuff about Anderson Cooper way.

I seem to have mastered the Wilton Rose for my cake class. Something that was quite difficult. Now all I have to do is make the four hundred cups of icing for class. Well, not four hundred. Just eight cups of icing. For two weeks worth of classes.

And the cake too. Almost forgot about the cake.

My photography class is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Totally full of theory and really hard core basics. Not like "point and shoot" it's more like "measure the light by taking these five readings up against this expensive piece of camera equipment, then once you've done that, set all the readings in your camera to these totally obscure settings that you will need the manual to figure out...." and that's where I'm lost. I think I got lost somewhere around 32 point matrix. Nope, I got lost at "how is everyone doing tonight".

Yup and that would be the boring news. Which of course CNN doesn't have time for.


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