Saturday, January 12, 2008


This morning I took my aunt to the airport in Detroit. I decided yesterday that if I was going to go to the airport in Detroit, might as well hit a few other places as well. No point in wasting the $8 toll and the great story through customs (where were you? at the airport). So I hit a few places.

One of the points of this trip was to check out a few of the other scrapbook stores in the area that I have yet to check out. I know, I know...BORING but this way, I can go back over if I'm looking for anything in particular. I had this idea that I would buy a little something in each store to sort of make it worth going in. Didn't quite happen that way.

Scrapbook Mania in Canton was pretty awesome. I ended up spending $20 (woo woo) on four packs of big flowers in red and black (something I'm finding I use a lot of lately) and a couple of sheets of paper (because I NEED more paper right?). I went back down Ford Road to Ikea because there were a few other things I needed and I wanted to check out this table. Well, not THAT exact combination, but something similar to that. I wanted the Vika table legs that adjusted up and down so that if I was feeling like standing, it would be higher and if I felt like sitting...well, you get the drill.

Yesterday when I came home from work I got to work downstairs cleaning up some stuff. I still sort of live out of boxes, which is actually kind of good because most of it I don't need, but I start to accumulate stuff (christmas ornaments I find, books I buy) and I end up digging through my boxes of tupperware (yes, you read that right, BOXES plural of tupperware) and just make a mess. So stuff tends to creep out of the little corner of the basement all my stuff is in. I bought two new energy efficient light bulbs that are actually equivalent to 100W and they worked FABULOUSLY. Which led to a new desire to get this new table. I work off half a desk in another part of the basement and I want to spread out.

But I digress. So I went to Ikea, looked at the tables and just decided I would wait. I liked the display they had in the store where they put the little bookcase bases on casters. But I wanted to let it simmer a bit before I did anything about it. I managed to pick up what I really wanted there, some paper magazine holders to put some of my rubs and other stickers in by type. This way, I'm not forgetting I have them. With my new found desire to craft, I want to be able to do stuff.

From there I went to Scrapbook Studio. Big disappointment. Then I tried to check out another store--Memory Lane but it looked like it was in a subdivision (read: someone's basement) so I skipped that. I also had to go and find this special wool from this pattern book I have so I can make this absolutely adorable little baby sweater vest so that was the next stop. Also went and checked out another little store and headed home. Took me a bit longer than I though, but I blame the Mobil station in Southgate that refused to authorize my gas pump. Don't really know what was up with that. Once I got home though, I decided to take a nap.

Benny, decided that maybe taking a nap wasn't such a good idea after all. He is my little pet for the week while my aunt and uncle are both away. He does not like me anymore than I like him. Well, I guess he likes me, he just doesn't prefer me. So every noise he hears, he has to get all crazy about. Then he proceeded to stand over me breathing on me. And whine because he wanted fall asleep on the family room chair.

Stupid dog.

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