Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stupid fine print

I'm kind of ticked today and it may make me think twice about shopping at Kohl's again. Back in November, during their big "After Thanksgiving Day" sale, I purchased a Kitchenaid mixer. Well, actually, I purchased two of them (well, actually, someone else actually got them for me, I just gave them the money)...but anyways...if you bought one, at $159.99 you received a rebate for $30. Or rather, the advertisement was $129.99 after $30 mail in rebate. No mention in the ad about one per household, one per customer, one per anyone. Not like I went in there and bought 50 of them...I just bought two.

So when you purchased said mixer, you received a rebate slip and on that slip it said "one per household". Which is ridiculous. Because what if I wanted one and I bought one as a gift? Why shouldn't I get a rebate? Why should it be limited to the number of people at one address? What if you had three bakers who lived in the same house and wanted to claim it? You bought the item, shouldn't you get the rebate?

To make a long story short, they denied my rebate. So I'm out $30. And now I'm just waiting on my aunt's rebates because she bought the digital picture frames that were on for $10 off by mail in rebate. She bought three or four of them as gifts. Which again, is legitimate, so why shouldn't she be able to do that?

My argument is this...if you want us to shop in your store, and you're going to advertise a price to get us to shop in your store, then you should honour that rebate, not put conditions on it as here. It's ridiculous. Otherwise I'm just going to go to another store and buy it there.

I'm still waiting on the response to my strongly worded email to them regarding this. I'm sure it's going to be one of those "rules are rules" kind of emails but it felt a little better to send it. I'm still pretty ticked.

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