Wednesday, December 26, 2007

365 shopping days left to next Christmas

I don't know what makes me sad more, the day after Christmas or New Years. I always get sad at New Years for some odd reason. But the day after Christmas always makes me sad. It's like we rush rush rush to Christmas Day and then boom, it's over.

This year I was so busy, I arrived here on Saturday, took the kids to the theatre, Sunday I met with my friends, hung out with the kids, Monday I went in to work, and then we did the usual Christmas Eve. Getting ready, getting the kids to bed, getting some time together in (I hang with my sister and brother in law) and then it's suddenly Christmas morning.

The kids were up early. Well, the oldest was up at 5 and told to go back to bed. We all got up about 8:30 and headed down to see what Santa brought. Hijinks ensued. Got the turkey in the oven and managed to take about ten minutes to relax after getting ready and cleaning up. My sister, brother, mom and my brother's girlfriend arrived shortly after noon and we opened presents for several hours (that's the part I love about Christmas). And then my cousin and her husband and son arrived for dinner.

We shut 'er down around 2 a.m. when my cousin's husband and her son left. The weather turned so much warmer (fog anyone?) and they just walked around the block home. Now I'm up, saying goodbye to the nieces (they're off to the grandparents) and heading home to pack up my other suitcase for Texas. Can't wait to see Jen and hang out, but still a little sad that it's all over for another year!

Hoping that all my friends had a wonderful fun filled Christmas with their family/friends or whomever they spend it with!

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