Monday, December 24, 2007


Christmas in my family means many traditions. And a few my sister has carried down with her kids. The one in particular that I love is "mom's store". My mom started this when we were kids. She would stock up on little gifts and then she would open her "store" and we would take our money and buy little gifts for each other. Nothing cost more than a dollar and it was a great way for us to be involved in it. We had other gifts for each other that our parents bought, but these little gifts were extras.

Tonight, "mom's store" was open for business. My two nieces went shopping. What's cute about it is a few minutes ago, while my sister was doing some dishes, my younger niece came down with a big sad face saying she needed her to open her store back up because she didn't buy enough for me. Adorable. So my sister's answer was "one, my store is still open, and two, everything is free". She turns and gives me a big grin and takes off to do more shopping. Love it.

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