Sunday, April 29, 2007

What happens in Michigan....ends up on my credit card

Yesterday I had to go over to Detroit to pick up a few things. I needed to get my sister a couple of polo shirts and tanks that she saw at KMart and Khols the last time she was here and I also needed another mini album and some extenders for a mother's day project I'm working on.

First mistake. Expecting to walk away with those few things.

KMart ended up being hilarious because I picked up the shirts for my sister but also managed to score a pair of cute dress capris, a couple of peasant blouses, a new bathing suit for my niece, and some other things I found like shampoo (love the anti-flat shampoo) bobby pins etc.

Next it was Khols. Where I scored the tanks for my sister but also a couple pairs of cargo capris for me (I love these things in the summer and you can dress them up, dress them down and they're a great alternative to shorts which I hate) a few tanks for myself, and a couple of cute shirts. I managed to score $20 in Khols dollars but they have to be used by this weekend.

Next it was the scrapbook store. Where I managed to spend a whopping $75. Which I wasn't expecting. But they had so many cute things I just couldn't say no. I picked up a couple packs of chipboard shapes from Autumn Leaves and Fancy Pants designs. I liked the big buttons ones and the other shapes etc. in the Autumn Leaves pack (can't find them online or I'd link, Chipboard is heavy cardboard cut into shapes that you can paint, paper, or distress), also picked up a few cute sticker things in the dollar section, some neat paper, and also some other little odds and ends. They didn't have the exact mini book I wanted (love the 7 Gypsies line) so I picked up a smaller version. Which will work out perfectly for what I'm working on.

The funniest part though, was that we were supposed to only be gone for a few hours. Six hours later we were heading home. And my goal was to get gas at the bridge, where it works out to be about 75 cents a litre. Which is really cheap considering it's 1.05 here. Except, I don't really know my way around from I-96. So I took 275 instead which took me to almost the Ohio border. My aunt was laughing at me when I said we took the "scenic route" because boy did we ever. I actually had to stop to get a little bit of gas to get us to the bridge that's how far we were. But it all worked out in the end. Filled up my tank for more $10 less than what I do here (and yes, that's a good savings) and we got through customs no problem. Worked on my little project until about 2:30 a.m. (now that's what I call playing) and today I was up early and working on the next one. Stay tuned for more photos.

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