Saturday, April 07, 2007

Chock full of goodies

I'm sorry I've been AWOL. Not for lack of anything to say, just for the fact that I am now completely addicted to Facebook. And I've gotten my older sister into it as well. Which is funny. And it's even funnier to see all these people I haven't seen since graduation online. Most of whom are married, which makes me feel a little weird. But I figure, I've concentrated on my career and my own personal enjoyment. Marriage can wait.

The stomach problem has morphed into a wonderful little stomach pain in the you know where. I'm being tested for an ucler which is not happening entirely fast enough for me. I have one of those Upper G.I. tests on Thursday where you drink the lovely barium drink and have this big camera scan your insides. What really sucks is the food issue. Because almost everything upsets my stomach. So I am down to the minimal items in the food groups. Bananas, plain yogurt, cereal, plain milk, bread (sparingly of course) and carrots/broccoli/cauliflower. Gone is the soy milk, the hemp seeds and the flax seed oil because it contains Omega fats which are considered a non-steriod anti imflammatory. Also gone? Fruit. Because the citric acid is killer. I am now chained to a bottle of Gaviscon should I get a flare up. And caffeine of any kind is also out of the question. In the last two months I have become an 89 year old woman. Lord help us all.

I'm with my sister and the kids this weekend which is entirely too much fun. My youngest neice has developed into quite the little ham and I love it. She is so funny. I don't know where she gets it from (I think it might run in the family though) and she says stuff that cracks us up. And the way she says it too is just hilarious. She's so firmly invested in being right in her pronunciations that you can't argue with her. Things like "drawling" make me giggle. Yesterday we went to see Meet the Robinsons (cute movie) and she says at the end "Let's go to the video store and rent it now because I want to see it again". She was convinced I was wrong when I said it wasn't out at the store. Telling me instead that it was just that I didn't want to buy it for her. Of course that's why you can't get it. What ever was I thinking?

I also decided to make this spring cake recipe I saw on Martha Stewart. You make a carrot cake, frost it with cream cheese frosting (my favourite cake by the way) and then cover the top with chocolate cookie crumbs (the dirt) and make little veggies out of marzipan. Finding the marzipan was a bit tricky but I managed to locate some (try an italian store if you have one locally) and then we sat and made the veggies last night. The two of them were convinced they were not going to taste good (they were veggies after all) and I told them it was pure sugar. So they tried some. After that, they were sold on this whole idea of cake with candy on the top. I'm excited to see how it turns out. The veggies were quite cute.

Other than all that, nothing exciting going on in my little world. I wish it would stop snowing (it's April already people) and of course warm up a bit. I wanted it to be cool enough to not wear my new shoes I bought at DSW last weekend because I needed a pedicure. Now that I have it, I am ready to break out the cute summer clothes. Also looking forward to seeing Jen in two weeks and the rest of the Luxe girls at CKU.

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