Thursday, April 12, 2007


Apparently we live in the land mother nature forgot. Or maybe the mud king remembered. Or perhaps it's just supposed to be this cold and rainy in the middle of April.

So I don't have an ulcer. Which is good news. However, there seems to be this acid reflux/GERD thing happening. Which doesn't make me happy. But seeing my stomach on screen was pretty cool. Drinking the barium however, was not.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Even though it was a short week, I feel like it's taken forever to get to Friday. I hate weeks like that. Tomorrow, my coworker and I are doing Chinese take out for lunch. I have been craving the sodium. Should be fun.

Can I tell you how much I am looking forward to sleeping this weekend? I feel like I have just been dragging it this week.

Next week is CKU and I've booked my room for Wednesday/Thursday in order to help the Luxe girls with their teaching on Thursday. And Saturday is our big crop day in London (we being my sister and I) so I have to get organized for that. Which should be funny because I end up giving up sometime around 4 p.m. and just sitting staring at my sister freaking her out.

Sadly, my perfect teeth record has finally been broken. I have a cavity. My dentist in London would be so excited if he knew. He has been waiting for this moment since my molars fell out when I was ten. Stupid teeth. Stupid getting older. Stupid enamel!

I also have a new little cousin. Have neglected to mention that....he's beautiful. A boy, Alexander. Apparently he's really smart. And really cute. Can't wait to see him in person. I love babies. I love the way they smell. And the little sounds they make. And the little cuteness they are in their own sweet little way.

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