Thursday, April 26, 2007

Note to self

During the last month I have been through several tests to determine what exactly is in my upper abdomen that is causing me great discomfort. I'm kind of glad I did go through all this testing especially in light of the extreme pain I experienced yesterday afternoon at work that had me seriously contemplating driving my scissors into my stomach and pulling out whatever beast was growing in there and causing so much trouble.

Erm. I digress.

So I've been through three tests so far. Tests that required the removal of clothing. And let me say, sometimes, humiliation comes in the form of undergarments you are wearing (or not wearing) for these tests. Test one was relatively easy. That was the blood test whereby I just had to remove my coat and roll up my sleeve. The fainting part in the lab was not exactly pleasant but at least I didn't have to hold anything closed.

Test number two was the barium drink which required a gown and no metal undergarments. I am just slightly embarassed about walking around with a cheap see through gown and nothing else on. Especially when part of the test required me to walk around the waiting room.

But no, test number three today was not at all pleasant if you consider what it entailed. That was having nothing but socks and underwear (a funny sight) and of course the aforementioned gown that was to be "left open in the back" that I tried to quickly grasp around me while walking to the ultrasound room. The lady was quite nice and I'm sure she's seen just about everything but lying on that table, with just a small little sheet covering my bottom while the gown covered me on the top and she made me move around, hold my breath, and hold still.

Note to self....don't be so embarassed next time.

Or wear granny pants.

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