Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am now addicted to Facebook. Which is sad in some ways, and really cool in others. It's fun to go through other peoples friends lists and see people that you used to know. Like how I went into this one profile friends list of a person I used to work with and found a guy who went to elementary school with me (well, I went to school with his brother but I knew him through Curtis) and then in his friend list I find other people I went to school with. Or maybe it's just that London has imploded to the point where everyone knows everyone else.

I am so excited about going to DSW to buy new shoes for the summer. You know that commercial with the girl who buys a new dress because of a pedicure? You know the one "new pedicure, thirty dollars. New red peep toe pumps to show off your new pedicure, fifty dollars. New red dress to go with red peep toe pumps to show off your pedicure, one hundred and fifty dollars. Impulse shopping, priceless."? You know that one? Ya that's me. For reals.

Today I had to go for a blood test. Which wasn't fun. I haven't had a blood test in a few years because I haven't needed one. Now it seems I have developed a lovely little ulcer and they need to test to see if it's that bacterial one. I really miss the blood lab in London. Not that the technician here wasn't uber nice (she even got me orange juice when I almost fainted on the floor) it's just that I miss the big comfy lazy boy chairs that they have at my vampire lair of choice. Because fainting in those is so much nicer than fainting in a plastic school chair. Stay tuned for the complaint about the barium drink I have to do in two weeks. Because if it's as bad as I remember the one from ten years ago, it's not going to be fun.

The federal and provincial budgets, while fabulous, have made my job a bit of a hell. Oh and I hate newspaper reporters. Because they like to make shit up.

The weather is so nice here I feel inclined to go outside and skip. Must be spring fever. I only feel like playing double dutch at this time of year. Don't ask me to explain. I think it's repressed memories or something.

Is it just me or TV kind of sucking lately? 24 has jumped the shark (in my opinion), Grey's Anatomy has been lacking of late, and Lost is starting to lose me again. Good thing I have American Idol to keep me laughing, did you see that kid crying in the audience the other night? Weird.

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