Sunday, May 13, 2007


There was a little bit of an accident that involved our internet connection and a lawn trimmer, so I have been minus internet service for a few days. Not that that's bad though, with all that has been going on lately, I've enjoyed the break from reality. However, knowing what's going on in the world and not having to read through 4 million emails is not so nice.

I've been busy lately with the whole "craft" aspect of the life. Which is nice and has also been quite fun. Last weekend I represented at the Paris Scrapfest (in Paris Ontario, not Paris France) and taught a make'n'take. So much fun. And while I was worried I wasn't a great teacher (I have a problem with my patience level) all the ladies I taught were so fantastic it wasn't an issue. It was so great to have so many people so happy with the product. It made me so proud of my friends!

I've also been trying to put together little mother's day mini albums for all the mom's in my life. This has been one of those tasks that you think will be really easy, but isn't really all that easy. I managed to get three of them done. For all my cousin's with babies no less. And the one for my mom done but without pictures. I have to do that. I'm still trying to finish the one for my aunt, and start the ones for my other aunt and my sister. My printer ran out of ink part way through this project and getting photos from others has been a challenge. But it was nice to make other people's days.

This week I took two days off because I was supposed to be helping the Luxe girls at the Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi. But with class numbers being small and other business needing her there in Texas, (Jen) couldn't make it. So I bowed out of helping and just took the two days to recover from what is shaping up to be a hellish two months at work. I popped over to Novi to check out the show on my own. It was nice to go alone, even if U.S. Customs didn't believe me, because I get kind of freaky with crowds and I could go at my own pace and look at what I wanted and pass up what I didn't. There were a lot of booths that were stampers and people who already want their pages done for them. I was quite disappointed in a few. Learned some new techniques from this one booth that did embossing with the neat glittery powder (I'm speaking a foreign language to a few people now aren't I?) and of course, spent all my money at the Basic Grey/Bazzil booth. They had some really good stuff in this booth and you can't go wrong with a pack of 15 sheets of Bazzil cardstock for $6. Each sheet is normally $1 in the store. I had to hit Kohl's and Sephora before I headed back. Then Friday I just cleaned up the house and helped get ready for my aunt's open house to meet the new baby.

Tonight we're off to Game 2 of the NHL Playoffs in Detroit. I'm kind of wishing Paul Kariya still played for the Ducks. Because it would have been so much fun to see him play tonight! But my aunt and I are going to celebrate Mother's Day in style. First Nemo's and then the game!

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