Sunday, May 27, 2007

Timeless Travels

This weekend was in London with the family and I really enjoyed my time up there. My sister and I went in to Sparta to have tea and scones for breakfast and decided to hit up a few of the cute little stores. I ended up buying a neat little metal snail for the garden and she picked up her own metal sculptures for her own garden. But what is noteable about this trip is it's one of those fun litte road trips that I like to take. And since this year won't have any road trips in it, I got to thinking about trips I want to take.

Canada 'Eh' to Zed
A few years ago a friend and I were going to take three weeks and travel across country and back. We were going to start from London and head west to visit friends in Vancouver and San Jose. Our plan was to stop in neat little places along the way and camp in different places to see the sites. We wanted to see the giant Canada Goose sculpture (I'm weird about neat pictures) and camp in Thunder Bay to see the sleeping giant, drive through Manitoba, camp in Head Pushed in Buffalo Jump where they have you set up your own teepee and sleep in it, Dinosaur park in Alberta, Banff, the Rockies, and little points along the way. From Vancouver we had planned to head south to San Jose and then east through some other states to see things like Mount Rushmore, where the four states join together (I think it's like Nevada, Utah etc.) Las Vegas and Kansas. That trip would have been awesome if we had taken it. Instead we decided to do the eastern seaboard and hit Salem, Boston, Plymouth, Provincetown and NYC. That was also an awesome trip.

The other Can'eh'dian trip I want to do is going east. Driving out to the east coast and seeing Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and New Brunswick. There's so much out there I want to see. Peggy's Cove, Acadia, the icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland. Cape Spear to see the sun rise. The list is endless.

The Good Old South
My sister laughed at me when I said I wanted to see cotton growing. But that's just because we saw a dried cotton plant in one of the stores we visited today. I watched Giada's weekend travels on the food network and fell in love with Charleston N.C. I so want to visit the south. I think I'll wait to visit New Orleans for a couple of years but it would be so much fun to go south and see the old southern plantations, the old towns, the neat little shops, taste the cooking. Oh it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

And everywhere else in the world
There are so many other places I want to see as well. Europe was just the tip of the iceberg for me last year. I would love to do a tour of Italy. A trip to Iceland, Sweden, Finland and the other scandinavian areas. London and the rest of England of course. I so want to see the remnants of Hadrian's wall. Russia for some odd reason. New Zealand and Australia. And a safari in Africa.

I'm on the fence about Asia. Jen loves going so if I decide I want to do China, I'd rather go with her because she seems to know her way around the place. Besides, I'd need her there to help me with the food and the good shopping.

Yup, definitely want to travel next year. Better start saving now!

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