Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's taken me a few days...but here I go:Jen tagged me and here are seven weird, wonderful and out of this world facts about me. Ok weird is true...don't know if wonderful and out of this world is true...

1. I love the smell of dirt and freshly cut grass which sounds kind of weird but it's true. There is nothing more wonderful to me than the smell of freshly cut grass or dirt in the spring. There's this wonderful mossy earthy smell in the spring when the snow melts and the flowers come up and I love it.

2. When I was a kid I didn't like ice cream which my siblings thought was odd but it's completely true. And while I still don't "like" ice cream, I will eat only two kinds...Laura Secord chocolate chip or Baskin Robbins gold medal ribbon. It's more a "prefer" thing. I would "prefer" something other than ice cream but I have been known to crave it every now and then. Again, has to be chocolate chip though. Or I'll eat the ice cream sandwiches or certain ice creams with cake.

3. I'm really anal about being "clean" meaning that I have to shower every day and wash my hands about a million times. I'm the kind of person that if I've been out in public and haven't had a chance to wash my hands, I feel like I have the equivalent of about an inch of mud on my hands. I can't do the whole "don't wash your hair for a few days" type of thing. I'm also that person who used their shirt sleeve or a paper towel to open the doors of public washrooms.

4. I'm not an outdoors person making number one a strange thing but seriously...I don't like being outside. It's actually really strange because as a kid you couldn't get me out of the water and I got frostbite three times from being outside in the snow. I just don't like it. I don't like to be cold, I don't like wet snow, I don't like the heat and I definitely don't like sweating in the heat. Give me a nice temperature controlled area with a big window looking outside and I'm fine.

5. I believe in the adage do unto others firmly in fact its a mantra I try to live by. Which has gotten me into trouble more often than I would like. It also leads to being taken advantage of or walked all over. But still, it's a good mantra to live by so I'll let it be.

6. I am addicted to "noise". This one is a hard one to explain. I don't like silence. I feel uncomfortable during silent periods. I have to have some noise on in the background. Otherwise I am completely freaked out. Whether it's the sound of the television, the radio or my sound machine (white noise) at night, it's just something that I have to have.

7. I am inspired if I am in the shower, or in the car, or going to sleep or listening to music. If I have to write something or need to think of something creative, it always happens when I'm in my car or in the shower. At night, when I can't turn my brain off, I find myself thinking of stuff I want to write about or that makes me think of stories in my head. As a kid, I used to crawl to the night light in the hallway with my notebook and jot down poetry. Now I find I can solve just about any writers block by going for a drive.

So there you go. I don't know seven people with blogs so I can't tag them (well, ones that Jen doesn't know...) but that's me.

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