Monday, March 10, 2008


Some days I can't tell if I'm coming or going. Which is why this week is a good week. It's March Break and I decided to take the week off. My cousins girls are here and we're going to this cool hotel with a water slide in it later this week. This is a really good week to just recharge.

We had not one but two snow storms last week. And if you think about it, it's actually three snow storms in one week since it snowed on Friday, then Monday night then again on Friday. Which is actually a lot of snow. Add all that to the other five snow storms this winter and you can colour us up here a little anxious to get winter over with.

I managed to get stuck in the driveway on Tuesday morning. Then stuck again at the end of the road. Then stuck again trying to exit the expressway. The crews had not cleared our parking lot at work so that was another adventure trying to get in. It also made me extremely unhappy with my little car. Once again. I also got stuck at a construction site on Thursday, which would have been disasterous since my car was parked right at the edge of a big hole. I finally got someone at GM who would listen to me about the car and they're helping me out with an incentive to go into another GM car. Something I want since I've been eyeing the VUE hybrid. Good for the environment and good for the Canadian winter!

Monday I went to my cake decorating class and had totally forgotten to pack the essentials--towel, wet cloths and wax paper. That was fun. Then Tuesday and Thursday I had appointments after work so you can imagine what that was like rushing from one place to the next. This weekend I baked my cake and made all the flowers I need to make (including 67 leaves with really thick icing) so my arms are a little sore.

I'm looking forward to some relaxing around the house, some sleeping in in the morning and some nice vegging out time this week. Because work is going to kill me the next two months. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I won't get sick.

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