Monday, March 24, 2008

The Morning After

I think, in my family at least, if a party is a night on the town, then the kitchen is the hangover the day after. No matter how hard you work before, during and after, the kitchen never looks quite clean enough the day after in the morning light.

After a weekend that saw six cake mixes made (one slab cake and a shaped cowboy cake for the 1st birthday party and one cake for Easter dessert and one cake for my class tomorrow night), one first birthday party, one easter dinner and the normal easter festivities with two kids, we are cleaning up and putting things away. If you're counting, I have broken one wine glass and two shot glasses this morning. Oh and cut my finger with a peeler while peeling potatoes yesterday.

It was fun though, nice to spend time with the family and to celebrate my cousin's first birthday. The funniest part of the party was when my 17 year old cousin took a bet to eat an anchovy and ended up regretting it once the thing was in his mouth. I'm glad it's all over though and that we're back to normal. While I didn't get to bed before 2 a.m. twice this weekend, my aunt didn't really get to bed at all on Saturday night. How she did that amazes me.

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