Tuesday, March 18, 2008


According to my Glamour mag and my O Magazine, it's friends month. As in, celebrate your friends month. I haven't made it through my Cosmo yet so I'm sure they will agree, at least, I hope they don't do the whole have great sex this month...with friends...because we all know what Cosmo is good for.

Anyways...I digress....it's celebrate friends month. And luckily for me, the girl who has trouble making new friends, I have some pretty kick ass friends.

But it was today's post by Jen that got me really thinking. I hate seeing any of my friends go through turmoil or trouble and from what someone else's friends felt/said about her, it made me start to think about all the wonderful things that make my friends such great friends.

I like how they always tell it like they see it, no holds barred, brutal truth. You can do that when you're a friend. I like how they support me, love me, respect me unconditionally. I like how they have such diverse and differing attitudes/opinions/perspectives. I like how I can call them up, email them, or just drop them a line to say "hey" and they know there's nothing behind it. I also like how when I haven't had time to do that, it's like we had just talked the day before. I like how they "get" me. As in, get my lame sense of humour or other ticks I have. Most of all though, I like that they're my friends, and not someone else's. (That sounds selfish, but I don't care).

So to all my wonderful friends, in case I don't say it enough, you're awesome and I love you! Thanks for being so great and for keeping me in your lives!

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