Monday, July 30, 2007

This is pretty cool...

So I stole this from Jen's blog where she asks me five questions about myself and I have to answer them. It's pretty cool, especially some of the questions she asked others who commented. So here's how it works, I answer the five questions Jen asked me and anyone who posts a comment in my blog, I will ask you five questions that you have to answer in your blog. You take the whole description of the game and who sent it and get others to do the same. Sort of like the wave right? Or maybe not.

Here goes:

1. Did anything about CHA surprise you? Or was it exactly what you expected?

Yes and no, I guess I could say that I expected CHA to be bigger. But it was still pretty big. I also expected to see a lot more BIG WOW stuff than I did. And I also expected to see more in the other creative pursuits as well. It seemed like every booth was scrapbooking and only a few scattered here and there in other crafts. However, I was pretty impressed with many of the company's presentations. Some booths were done better than others. When you said to do layouts that would draw attention from far away I totally got it, but seeing it in person was something completely different. Because we didn't go in to the booths, we had to strain to see a few of the new things. And some of the examples. Which was disappointing because I really wanted to see how they used a lot of new stuff, instead of just seeing the new stuff. I'm really looking forward to CHA Winter when I think the companies will release a lot more cool stuff. Or maybe we've reached the edge of the universe so to speak and this is it for the new stuff. Funny enough, it was so easy to find the Luxe booth because of the way it looked in the see of blah. Hard to put in to words but it really looked head and shoulders above the rest of the booths in that area. (Admit it, you thought I was going to say I could smell it with the lilies).

2. What is your "must have" wardrobe purchase for fall?

A really hot pair of black heels that are both cute yet comfortable to walk in. This seems to be my holy grail every year. Find a pair of shoes I can wear with skirts that are easy to walk/stand in but still look reasonably cool and not so much "matronly". I always end up getting stuck with a pair of shoes that are either comfortable but ugly or hot but dreadful on my poor little feeties. And for some odd reason, black heels are either too sex kittenish or too "I work as a museum guide and wear ugly oxfords all day".

3. Favorite food?

Kraft macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs. We had this argument the other day here at my house and then again at my sisters house. There is a new HP commercial with this delicacy in it and my mouth waters when I see it. However, my aunt and my cousins kids (9 and 8) think this is the grossest thing ever ("like, cooked hot dogs? Or raw hot dogs?") yet I think it is the biggest best kept secret ever. How can you go wrong, kraft dinner and cut up hot dogs! Add a little ketchup and you're laughing. Full of good vitamins too. That's the one thing I remember from Home Ec. in school, the macaroni and cheese nutritional card had all the bars near the top. I was telling my sister about this at the table on Saturday night with my brother in law and his buddy sitting there. The two of them wrinkled their noses at it and Noelle and I were all "what are you TALKING ABOUT? It's so GOOD!" you can tell we were poor kids, all the good stuff is cheap dinner ideas.

4. What color is your duvet?

Ha ha, trick question...the duvet itself is white but the duvet cover is a dark tan colour. It's actually this one from Ikea. I picked it up in the fall when I went on a little "spree". I love it because it's really neat looking and feels really soft.

5. Best book you ever read?

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I read this book when I was eleven and it's still my "nothing else to read" book that I grab when I just want to be able to read a good few pages. Not delve right into the book, but pick it up at a spot that I enjoy and read it. So much about this book made me question things. Made me interested in history, made me sad, made me happy, made me think. And I loved the heroine in it. I liked being in her head and seeing how she thought. It was important to me as I grew up because I felt somewhat normal in "living" Francie's life and seeing how she felt in certain situations. Still a book I would recommend to anyone. This book to me is like "comfort food". It's just that good.

Ok people, now it's your turn, leave me a comment, anything random and I will ask you five questions. From there you answer the questions on your blog and do the whole thing over again.

Oh and Jen? It's not strange that you do that with your icons. I have to have Outlook as my first icon in my taskbar. If something happens during the day with our server and it goes down, I have to shut all the other programs I have running and put it back up first.

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