Wednesday, July 11, 2007

10 Useless Facts About Me or I'm a Big Copycat

Chris ( had this idea on his blog, which he borrowed from someone else. I'll be less polite and say that I'm outright stealing it from him. So here you go. 10 useless things you didn't need to know about me.

1. In elementary school my siblings and I were known as the 5 little rascals. Because it sounded like our last name and there were so many of us. This was also cause for "how many more of you are there?" from many a high school teacher.

2. I'm actually the middle child, though many people think I'm the oldest. But that's only because my oldest sister is far enough ahead of me they forgot about her all together. (Sorry Noelle, you know I love you....well your kids anyway KIDDING!)

3. I was born in North Bay, which isn't really exciting except for the stories about how cold it was in the winter, how gross it was during shad fly season, and how much we went to the lake when I was a baby.

4. I stutter when I talk fast.

5. I hardly ever finish anything I start--this mostly applies to crafting activities. My siblings took a photo one Christmas of the hats/mitts I was making them. Only three of them actually got hats and only one of them got the mitts to go with it. I'm working on this one.

6. I always look at peoples photos that they have out in their homes when I go visit. I'm a big picture fiend. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by the photos they take and display.

7. The older I get, the harder it is to figure out anything technical, dance in a non-embarassing way, hear anything anyone says, or understand anything new.

8. I am afraid of the dark.

9. I have this insane ability to remember totally useless information that I learned god knows where. Pythagorean theorem? Check. Old OHIP number? Check. The fact that you only see one side of the moon? Check. The date of American independence? Check. It's sad, because I cannot remember to pack my lunch each day, but I can tell you how to figure out square footage.

10. I have this really big dream to one day become a novelist. Which is hilarious, because see 5, I can never finish anything I start. One story just leads into another story without coming to an acceptable conclusion.


Anonymous said...

Re: #8

I can't remember ANY personal number, other than my internet banking number. SIN, OHIP, driver's license...blank.

Chris in NF said...

I'm all there with you on #9, and frankly it concerns me (the capricous memory thing, not that we have it in common). Everyone I know assumes I have this phographic memory because I can recall quotes from various places (The Simpsons in particular, but I'm also pretty good with certain poets), but the reality is I'm lucky to remember what I was doing five minutes ago, or what the name of the person I just met was. The trivia, frustratingly, sticks. But the stuff you use to, you know, LIVE, I just don't recall ...