Sunday, December 03, 2006

How time flies

I've been a bit AWOL lately. Been busy. It's been two weeks (well, really three) of crazy running around with the head cut off. And while I love it being busy, because I actually have to really buckle down and get things done, the fact that my sleeping is becoming affected is not really pleasant. I've got one more week to go and then hopefully things will calm down. We'll see.

I'm also planning on posting some creative stuff that I've been working on. Have to get my act together today and take some photos. The Christmas cards are on the list for today. Those have to get done in addition to putting up the tree etc. My shopping is almost done. All I have to do is get something for my brother, a little something for his girlfriend, and a gift for my mom. Which is proving to be difficult. My creative mind just is at a loss on that one. Oh and of course, pick up what I need to for my sister and brother in law.

I was kind of sad on Friday. For starters, I found out my friend from high school who had planned to come down to visit wasn't going to. She doesn't do driving on the highway very well since the birth of her second child. And while I understand completely, I'm a little sad she couldn't make it. Then I got on the phone with my nieces and talked to my sister. They were in full on decoration mode on Friday (P.D. Day) and my oldest niece was upset they were decorating without me, protesting that they had to wait for dinner time since that's when I'd be there. I could hear my youngest niece in the background calling out that she was under the mistletoe and someone had to come kiss her. It's times like those that I really miss them. Miss the whole "being part of the family thing".

My aunt and I finished more shopping yesterday. It was pretty hilarious when we got a little lost in Troy trying to find the Meijer I had been to back in May. "are you sure it was Rochester Road?" "ya, pretty sure, where's Somerset?" "all the way down there" "oh, ok, maybe I'm not sure it was Rochester Road". I have to admit, we have a lot of fun when we go over. If only because we crack each other up with that kind of thing. Good times.

I can't believe it's December already. And the strange thing about December is, it seems to just slip by. And for me, when I think of it in terms of weekends in London, it's like "ok, this weekend I'm home, then I'm home in two weeks, and then...oh crap it's Christmas!" I hate how it's December 1 and then you blink and it's Christmas. Sigh...always the way.

In other non-holiday related information. I was supposed to go volunteer this weekend at the Liberal convention. I was actually pretty excited about it. I make no bones about the fact I wanted Kennedy to be the new leader. And while I'm still on the fence about how I feel about Dion, I'm just glad it wasn't Ignatieff. And if you needed a reason why, just read through some of the reports coming out of the convention, about him rethinking whether or not he'll stay Liberal. That bothers me, a bit. It would have been fun, if only for the fact that Justin Trudeau was in the Kennedy camp, and I would have enjoyed meeting him. And yes, I know he's married....

Sorry, but it's whip cracking time, back to the cards and the decorating.

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Mary said...

It DOES fly, doesn't it!!? hope you have a great December, and I am totally impressed that you have so much of your shopping done!!! :)