Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sephora Update

Lipstick is still missing. So I called Sephora (on the very astute advice from my aunt) and they looked for it and decided to send me a gift card for the equal amount. I think that once they realized that our total order combined was close to the amount of taxes and delivery on a compact car, they had to give me something to keep me happy.

In other news, the new beauty regimine is quite the ordeal. Better than botox cream first, then the eye firming lotion, then the face firming lotion, then the skin rev-er upper, then the moisturizer, then the rest of the makeup. I didn't realize I was this ugly.

Ok that was funny.

I have been getting all these emails from Lavalife lately so I finally went in to check. I gave up on the whole internet dating thing because for some odd reason, in this area, and with my profile all I seem to attract are freaks. Or guys from other countries. Who could be freaks. No really, I even put it in my profile "if you're over 40, married or live in another country, I'm not interested" and yet I was still bombarded with guys who were over 50 (!!!) and in other countries. Noteable third world countries to boot.

I digress.

The funniest came today. The whole paragraph is filled with spelling mistakes, spacing errors, english errors, grammar errors, and the like. Not that I'm perfect, but if you can't get the "I am" down properly and at least be consistent with your errors, what's the point. We'll also note that his age said 35 but he looked close to 50 and it wasn't the leather skin tan either.

No no, the best part was this: "Overall a bestfriend with benifits is what we all want. I want someone ican relate to and take a romantic naked walk along the beach."

There are naked beaches in this city?


Jennifer Lynn said...

Oh holy hell... that so sums up some of the problems with internet dating when you are single in your 30s. Naked walks on the beach indeed!

Mary said...

yikes, he sounds like a real winner!

and yep, making ourselves beautiful is hard work. I started wearing more makeup in the summer and somedays I just want to bag it all. :)