Sunday, November 19, 2006

The road to hell

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Although I like to think that the road to hell is any one of the interstates in Michigan. Because it seems like whenever I get on one of them, it is with good intentions, and then I end up in hell. Well, not really hell, it's more of a "what the hell?" kind of place, but I'll go with the old saying instead.

I had big plans to go to Sephora to get some new eyeshadow. I was all excited because finally I had a reason to go in to Sephora and actually buy something. Normally I wander around there and have no idea what exactly I am going to get. This time however, I had big plans to purchase the Tarte trio. I had seen it in a magazine, fell in love, and wanted it. So we hit the road.

We went to Twelve Oaks in Novi. Which is this really cool mall, and my aunt hasn't been there in a few years so it was fun to go together since I was seeing it for the first time, and she hadn't been there in a while. Our goal was to go to Sephora and also hit The Limited Too for a gift for my niece. Which is where it went a little off the rails.

They didn't carry that eye stuff in store, I had to get it online. I was pretty much ready to go until my aunt discovered they carried the Bare Escentuals line of makeup. She was interested in the foundation. And that led to a consultation. Which led to getting my makeup done. Which led to me wanting to get some stuff and that led to...well, let's just say that my credit card company should be giving me a big thank you after that. I ended up with this line of skin care products that interestingly enough, I ended up traipsing through Paris looking for with my friend. Some of you might remember the big Paris escapade where Elaine and I went looking for this line of skin care products you could only find in France. I don't know if it's the same stuff, but it's good stuff. I picked up this skin firming lotion, moisturizer, a cleansing toner, and a finishing spray (which was actually pretty cool). The best one though, was the bottle of this stuff that is supposed to be better than Botox. It has managed to firm up the wrinkles I have in my forehead. Wrinkles I have had since I was in my early twenties that have come along as a result of the whole smiling thing. Apparently you have to have no facial expressions should you wish to have no wrinkles. I'm working on the two lines I get in the middle of my eyebrows when I frown. This may require an electronic dog collar for every time I do this. Because I tend to make this one face all the time...which some people might call the "happy face" or the "looking like a normal person who uses the muscles above and between the eyes to show expression". But that's just me...

Needless to say we were in Sephora for a while, and while the sticker shock was killer, I was kind of happy with the purchases. I figured spending that much on something that will help keep my skin looking good (I'm not being shallow, I do have good skin) was definitely worth it. I'm loving the new eye shadow pallette I picked up. It's the Urban Decay Ammo Eye Pallette. The way she did my eyes is so cool. And they look so much bigger, and I hated that about my eyes. The caveat to wearing glasses is that when you don't have them on, your eyes look so much smaller. This should help. I think it's awesome. However, I got home and discovered that my $20 Shiseido lipstick was not in my stuff. I'm worried that it was either left at the store (they're looking in to it) or that it was left in the bag, which I threw out when I was emptying my stuff into my purse. I can't believe I'm actually a little sick about losing a $20 lipstick when I bought an $80 tube of facial firming lotion. That should upset me more shouldn't it?

I should point out here, I'm not totally in love with myself. Or a big freak of a narcissist or anything. I just love stuff like this. Deep down, there's a big girlie girl in there struggling to get out. And when I let her come out to play, she gets a little giddy. And I'm kind of dumb when it comes to makeup. Being able to do it right, makes me happy. Especially considering I wear so little of it, and when I do, it never looks this good. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be like a good hair style from the hair salon, lightning won't strike twice.

I also ended up picking up the cutest little outfit for my niece. And a cute little hat for the other niece to go with the outfit I bought last night. I'm kind of pleased that I started my shopping early. I just have to go and pick up the gifts for my sister and brother in law, as well as the gift for my brother and his girlfriend. Maybe the time is going to help me figure out what to get my mom.

Oh let's just go back and look at the pretty shiny things to distract us ok?


Jennifer Lynn said...

No need to justify a Sephora purchase. Welcome to the dark side, my friend. I am such a cosmetics ho and I too have found my "expensive" facial care line (at Origins for me) and don't mind the sticker shock too much. Its for ME, after all!

Mary said...

oh how fun! enjoy!!! :)

Chris in NF said...

I have it on pretty high authority that the road to hell is in fact paved with frozen door-to-door salesmen. The younger demons go ice-skating there on the weekends.