Monday, November 06, 2006

Sometimes I suck

I am a bad friend. Bad bad bad friend.

Here's the deal, I have this really bad habit of not keeping up with my friends. Granted, life is tough when you have so many that you have to keep track of in different cities/parts of the world (hello Elaine, how is Tibet?). My friends are normally pretty good though. Take Frank for instance, he and I talk maybe four times a year but when we do, it's like we spoke last week. Then there are my other friends that I can just drop random emails to "hi, I'm in town for work, want to have lunch?" and they have no problem that I haven't spoken to them in six months. Then there are the friends that I hardly ever talk to because they're so darn busy that I just send an email with a subject line of "I'M COMING TO DALLAS, MEET ME AT THE AIRPORT" and they are totally understanding and meet me at baggage claim.

I admit that I have a serious problem with the whole keeping in touch thing. And I have no idea how to solve it. Thankfully I have so many great friends who don't mind that I don't keep in touch with them every day and they still continue to speak to me. Especially when I pull the "come and help me pack my apartment on your only day off" line. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I get to regale them with stories about my "offbeat" and "colourful" family but that's a tale for another day.

Today was a day of infamy in the whole "Lesley is the worst friend ever" book. Today I sent an email out to people I used to work with to see if they would be interested in getting together for lunch next Monday. I have the day off and was going to be in London so I figured I would head downtown and meet up with the ladies for a bite to eat to catch up etc.

Now these are people I saw every day for two years. People who would randomly drop by my office several times a day to chat or just see what was shaking. People I would drink coffee with, eat lunch with, go walking with, who CAME TO MY FREAKING GOODBYE PARTY and even ones who wrote goodbye notes to me in my goodbye card that I happened to come across and read yesterday and saw their names clearly written in there.

I managed to forget about one of the really great ones today when I sent out my email. Added to that, I forgot the last name of the other one I wanted to talk to since I haven't really chatted with her in about 10 months. Thankfully they were both very understanding. Whew.

I am a bad person. I don't deserve such wonderful friends.

She's forgiven me of course. How could she not, I may not be a wonderful friend, but I'm a pretty fantastic person!


Jennifer Lynn said...

What??!! You are coming to Dallas and want me to pick you up? Soooo totally cool! (Oh wait... was that a shout out? :-) )

Lesley said...

No worries Jen, that was more of a shout out from August when I came down. Remember the "if I was to book a flight to Dallas, would you meet me at the airport?" email?

Jennifer Lynn said...

Oh darn... I figured maybe you were heading down again. ;-)