Wednesday, December 13, 2006

80 characters or less

How exactly are you supposed to say what you have to say in 80 characters or less? And by this, I refer to eBay. Stupid stupid ebay. And it's stupid stupid sellers.

I have had my first problem with eBay and right now I'm trying to figure out a way to fix it, without losing my shit completely.

I won an auction back in November and paid the $40 for it. It shipped on the 6th of November. I haven't seen it. After going out to the P.O. Box I had it shipped to (went to a U.S. address to save money) I found out it never arrived. So I emailed the seller. Asking what was going on.

Not only did they not ship to the address I clearly specified in both eBay and Paypal, but they shipped it to my old address in London. And because packages were hit or miss at that location (sometimes they left it at the door, sometimes they left it at the post office) I have no idea if it went to the post office or if it went to the door.

So when I go back to the seller, they say to me "I used the address listed in eBay". Uh hello, the clearly marked PRIMARY SHIPPING ADDRESS in eBay is the one in MIchigan. And the clearly marked SHIP TO address in Paypal to CALCULATE THE FREAKING SHIPPING COSTS is the one in Michigan. And nowhere, NOWHERE do I see the address in London.

Guess that's $40 I'll never see again.

UPDATE: Spoke to Canada Post, well, left a request with Canada Post. We'll see what happens. I'm thinking this package ended up at the doorstep of my old apartment unit and the person who lived there probably kept it. Or it got stolen. Who knows. I got a response from the seller, and as expected...they are pretty "unintelligent" which explains A LOT. They can't even spell. I asked my aunt, who sells stuff on eBay and she said something about the confirmed address. When I looked in there again, it was all in there properly. You would have to be pretty dumb to send it to that address. The confirmed shipping address, ship to address, primary address, confirmed address, and main address are all the one I gave them. Including an email I sent them saying PLEASE SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS. Sigh...

THURSDAY UPDATE: Just got an email from the seller, they've received the package as a return. They're going to ship it out. Which kind of makes me laugh, because they asked for the new address to ship to, so this time, not wanting to take any chances, I decided to give them the Canada address. They write back "CANADA?" and I'm waiting for the email back saying that I owe them more postage. At which point they will feel the anger that has no depths when I rail at them for sending it out wrong to begin with and then asking me to pay extra. I'm really in a bad mood today. It's been three weeks of this bad mood. And frankly, I can't even think about counting the days to my vacation. In fact, you can ask my friend Elaine what kind of a bad mood I'm in...she got the wrath this morning by email. Sorry Elaine.

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