Friday, December 15, 2006

Hold Your Tomatoes

I decided that I wanted to get on the 24 bandwagon. Considering that I had wanted to watch this show in the beginning and didn't, I figured it was about time I got on board. Unfortunately I got on board just before season 6 starts. Meaning that I have just about three weeks to catch up on all five seasons I missed.

My aunt and uncle love this show. And I wanted to not watch it with them this year because I hadn't seen the last four seasons. My friend Rina is a huge fan and she's always raving about it. And hey, Keifer Sutherland isn't all that bad either.


I'm about halfway through season 1 and I'm kind of bored. I hope this thing gets better because it's really hard to get through.


UPDATE: Ok, I have found that fast forwarding through all of the filler parts, namely, the parts with Elisha Cuthbert trying to act, it's not so bad. I'm part way through season two. It's getting better. But only because Keifer Sutherland ROCKS THE PART OF JACK BAUER. Seriously, this man is so great. And it's all because he's Canadian, eh? And of course, my favourite quote so far "That's your problem, you want action but you're not willing to get your hands dirty". OR something to that effect.

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