Sunday, July 13, 2008

Outdoor Glass 2 : Lesley 0

I'm home alone with the dog for a few days while my aunt and uncle visit with their kids in Toronto. I'm always worried about things breaking or going wrong because I'm not the home owner and I always feel uber guilty about anything and everything.

The other night I was watering the plants on the back deck and this big blue glass lantern blew over on the deck and hit the brick wall and broke at the top. Of course I felt like a total tool because a) it broke and b) I wasn't able to catch it.

Yesterday Bauer, my cousin's golden retriever came for a "visit" while my cousin and her son and husband went to a party around the corner. Benny wasn't pleased. He has a bit of a dominance problem so the two of them went at it. I was worried about them breaking somethingin the house but every time I put them outside they would stop fighting. They finally got over themselves and nothing happened.

Then this morning came....the patio table was fine when I let Benny out this morning but when I came up from the basement (I was getting ready for the retreat I'm going on in a few weeks) I looked outside and voila...patio table shattered into a bajillion pieces. I had no idea that thing could break into that many pieces. So after spending about an hour cleaning it up (I still have to go out and get the rest of the little pieces in the cracks of the deck out) I decided that maybe I should quit while I'm ahead and make sure I don't touch anything else.

I still have to water the flowers again tomorrow...hopefully I won't kill any of them.

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