Sunday, October 21, 2007


This weekend was one of those weekends that I love. Just to sit home and chill out and play. Last weekend I furiously put together an album for Morgan's 10th birthday and once Jill saw it, she wanted me to make a couple for her for her niece's. Which I'm still working on.

But the best part about this was that it made me want to straighten up and clean some old stuff out. I have piles of stuff that I've bought and haven't used and it's all been put into a box and just sat there. So I got rid of a bunch of things and pulled out a few other things to use. Got part of my christmas cards figured out and part way organized for the crop I'm going to.

Also this weekend...plans for a trip to Fort Worth and possibly to see the Spice Girls in Toronto. And go ahead and laugh, you can't say it won't be a good show!

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Jennifer said...

Fort Worth... that's a plan for sure! And btw, I tagged you on my blog. ;-)