Friday, June 09, 2006

This seemed like a good idea--In THEORY

Today I decided to test out several theories:

1. The "if I wear my retainer during the day I won't eat so much" theory. So far, not working out as well as I thought it would. I had a Tim Horton's chocolate chip muffin and tea at 7 am at work. Then I consumed my Optimum cereal at 10. Then I ate several handfuls of the Lay's low fat Tortilla chips. Then I had my regular SmartOnes meal at 1:30. Then I dipped into the chips again. Then I stopped for a kit kat bar on the highway with a non-sugarless Iced Tea. Now I'm going to have pizza at home. Not really working with the whole "stop eating while wearing retainer".

2. The "if I don't blow dry my hair I'll be able to heal this scalp issue I've been having since I started seeing that hair dresser" theory. Three days, and so far it seems to be working. I think it's just that my scalp was so severely dried out with the products that she used, it's starting to bounce back. Now on to the "if I really try hard enough, I'll be able to find someone who knows how to cut my hair properly" theory.

3. The "if I take County Road 42 and avoid the 20 km of highway construction I'll get home faster" theory. Ya, that one was so far out of the water it wasn't funny. Who knew they'd have construction ON County Road 42 with slow farmer trucks and school buses stopping periodically to get in my way.

4. The "if I track my projects in the Journal folder in Outlook I'll be able to see how long it takes me to do shit at work" theory. Don't even get me started. I'm so not into the whole IT thing I can't even get my passwords correct. Ask me how many times I've been locked out of my own computer this week. Sigh...

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Ugh... project tracking. The horror. (Me say because me put off a whole week of tracking and me have to spend me lazy Sunday catching up on last week.)

We missed ya this weekend... but I'm sending some goodies your way. (*grin*) :-)