Monday, June 12, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words

So the picture below is of us scrapbooking on Saturday:


You know, you would think I would have this down by now. Scrapbook supplies, water, diet coke, snacks, CAMERA, other things. Sigh. What can I say, I'm completely organized when it comes to SOME stuff, yet horribly organized when it comes to the rest of it.

The best part though, was that I asked my brother in law to swing by with it and bring the girls since the lady across from me was my niece's former pre-school teacher. He ended up forgetting it as well.

Oh well. I managed to get ten layouts almost completely done. I have to do a few things to them. Like add paint to a couple of chipboard letters and come up with an interesting way of journaling on a few others. My sister says "you leave no space for journaling" and I say "the pictures speak for themselves" and my sister says "not in 300 years when the books get handed down" and I say "what the hell have you been snacking on at the canteen...300 years...sheesh". Clearly we have a good time together.

Pictures of layouts to come. I have to say, this has been some of my best work. (Hint hint to Jen and Pam.........)


Mary(Pea) said...

yay for getting to scrapbook!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Hint hint? Oh... you mean you aren't going to do your best work with the kits I just boxed up to mail you? ;-)

Seriously... I'm the queen of no camera. I've got photos of the last couple times you came to Texas to crop if that helps.

And yes, journal those photos. You are such an AWESOME storyteller... its a shame your kids won't be able to remember those stories when you no longer can.