Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Essential Tuesday: AKA Jen is shirking her duties

It's been, oh, several weeks since we've received an essential Tuesday post from Miss JenniD. And yet, I feel the urge to take over her job. Well, it won't be half as good as her essential Tuesday. But hey, who cares???

Essential Tuesday.
1. Meijer. Where else can you get good easy cheap Weight Watchers meals?
2. Joanns. Gotta love a place you can get a crop case for almost half what you pay in Canada.
3. Cheap gas at the border. Yes, you worry about those Mexicans down south Mr. Bush. As long as I can fill up for about $10 less than what I pay in Canada.
4. Good photo paper. That's right, the right kind of photo paper makes it all better.
5. Fuddruckers. Mmmmm. Fudddddddruuuuuckkkkerrrrssss.
6. Good friends. AKA A bitchy coworker who knows just what to say to bring out the evil in you.
7. Cotton. Is there anything better than cotton on a hot day?
8. That warm car feeling. Especially after walking out of an office that feels like it's 68 F.

That's about all I can think of right now. Maybe I could say Canadian television on demand. Because CTV has started putting Canadian Idol online. Which I am seriously missing this summer. Being in the United States of Spamerica here we get free tv. With a good set of bunny ears. But that also means no canadian content. Which sucks, because if you think American Idol is a suckfest, you should watch Ben Mulroney for a few hours. And it's so bad it's GOOD. Now that it's on demand, I can watch it on my computer and not miss a beat!


Mary(Pea) said...

are you visiting the US? hope you have a nice time here! :)

Rachel said...

Could you please figure out how to make Fuddruckers calorie free.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Hehehe... thanks for picking up my slack since things have been SOOOOo crazy lately!