Saturday, June 03, 2006

Planning, Researching, Doing

I'm a big planner. And when it comes to looking for things, I could do it for hours. Well, researching things that is, actually looking for something I lost is another story. Which we won't get in to. For the good of mankind.

I'm going to this big all day crop next weekend with my sister. It's Creative Memories (SUCKS) but we're allowed to crop all we want. It's a sort of love hate thing. I love going and being able to spread out and do my own thing, but I hate how some of the women at these crops look down their nose at me and the way I scrapbook. Uh hi, I like to scrapbook outside the box of circles, squares and plain coloured paper. Thanks.

Needless to say, packing up everything I might need proves to be quite difficult. While I don't have as much stuff as say...SOME people I know, I do have quite a bit of crap to put together. And the sad part is, I almost always end up forgetting something to bring with me. Which is why I prefer to crop at home.

But, I won't let that get me down. The last two weeks, when I've had time, I've gone through my little proof sheets that I printed out and figured out which pictures I want to use in my EUROPE 2006 album. I've even sketched out the pages I want to do. Some people might think that's awesome, but really, most of my pages have been scraplifted. Which is code for COPYING. And while Jen might say that that's ok, (Ali Edwards: It is OK) I still feel a little bit of embarassment that I had to steal someone else's idea. But then, Becky Higgins gets big bucks for her sketches books, so I'll shut it.

Anyways, today is the day I actually print the pictures and figure out what I want to use on the pages. It's put me in a really creative mood and I've been coming up with ideas for other books and things I want to do. I'm going to finish the albums I started for my nieces months ago. And probably do up a little wedding album for my aunt of my cousins wedding from last fall. And maybe even do a little housewarming gift for someone else.

It helps to take my mind off of other things. And maybe it might also help me get back into my creative mood and forget all the stuff that has been getting me down the last few weeks.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Its not stealing, its creative inspriration!

While I have trouble borrowing directly from scrapbook magazines and books (knowing too many of the other designers makes me worry that they will be hurt rather than flattered if my design shows up elsewhere), I do borrow liberally from advertisements and such.

You might LOVE some of the "basics" series. I've got design, layout, and color. They are made for graphic designers and they function like sketches only not for scrapbooks. Pre-mixed color palettes, proven balanced design ideas for everything from business cards to ad layouts (which are great to steal for scrapbooks!).

And I'm with ya on the cropping elsewhere thing. One, I like to drink wine when I'm "play cropping" with friends - and most stores and organized crops won't let me do that. Two, I never know what I want to work on when I play so I like having my entire stash handy - and I would need a U-Haul to pack up both rooms. Three, I am often working on stuff that can't/shouldn't be seen by the general public so I have to work on that at home or at the office (vs. at a store), especially since around Dallas there are so many designers working for other firms at these crops!

In any case... have a blast. I'm jealous - I need some quality crop time soon. As soon as my GASC samples are done, I can get back to playing (at least until the storyboards for the first six lines are due in August!)