Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good News

This week I've received two days of good news.

First, on Monday at my chiropractor. I mentioned to him the surgery I had had and part of it was to alleviate some pressure on my back and shoulders. He told me that he noticed there was a difference in several of the discs in my shoulder blade and neck area. He said that normally you don't see that much of a difference so soon but three of them were already realigning themselves. This was very good news to me.

Then today, I was given a great deal of praise at work and thanked for my dedication and commitment to the work no matter what was going on. Considering some of the crap that has hit the fan over the last few months and how I felt just two months ago, this was very welcome.

So you can imagine my happiness this week. I'm very grateful that things are going well. And I hope they continue to do so.

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