Thursday, October 23, 2008

smelling dafeet

This week I "smelled dafeet". That's a joke that comes from a book I loved in high school about dirty socks signifying smelling defeat.

I saw the writing on the wall as it related to my courses. I decided to drop my microeconomics course.

It was a hard decision but one I had to make. I didn't do well on the first assignment and I was struggling with the material. Added to that I have an assignment due in the class in two weeks and I was struggling to understand the question. I figured it would be better to drop out of the class with my academic standing intact.

A lot of people told me they were surprised I took on so much and I would like to publicly admit they were right. Although, when I took on the courses I didn't think about the very big announcement we're making at work next week and the added work on an assignment I agreed to help with.

It was more than I can handle so I'm staying in the two courses.

The great thing though is that my degree credits from Fanshawe can be put forward to a replacement course that I wouldn't have to take. Yay for that.

Now I just have to get through three more assignments and the final exams.

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