Friday, October 10, 2008

Before you know it

Time seems to slip by me....

I had three days off this week. Three days I shouldn't have taken seeing as I was spending a great deal of them emailing and doing work stuff. I was all excited because I was coming up to my cousin's to look after their son and house and dog. I thought...this is awesome, I can catch up on all my homework! Except not.

Wednesday I slept most of the day as I got here at 11:30 on Tuesday night and then was up again at 3 to drive someone to Barrie to meet up with his hunting buddies. I came home and went right back to bed. Yesterday I did manage to get some work done but I didn't realize that four hours is not a lot of time when you're reading.

Today we're off to Barrie to drop a bed off at my sister's and to visit with her. Traffic I am sure is going to be a nightmare seeing as that's cottage country (or the entrance TO cottage country) and since this is traditionally the weekend everyone goes up to close their cottages...I'm sure the highway will be packed. Tomorrow we're headed back to Windsor.

I've had a good time this week. I am in love with their dog Bauer who is a big lopey golden retriever who just wants to love everyone. I'm not kidding either. He sits right beside me on the couch and rests his head on my lap like he's a lap dog. He is most definitely not a lap dog. But he's cute, so he's getting a pass.

Here's hoping I can get through the worst of the homework--the microeconomics homework...because that's the one that's stumping me!

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